November 18, 2008

Do you see their faces when you fall asleep at night?

Now they're all blood stained memories.

[Yep, Zack told me to write it. If you're a Parkway Drive fan, I hope you enjoyed that.]

You know you've reached some part of nonwhere land when it's thrilling to look up the name of this one actor and spending a good ten minutes seeing what else they've been in. The actor, in case you have a burning desire to know, is Gerald Butler. As part of English we are watching the movie version of Timeline, and he plays one of the main characters. I recognized the Scottish accent almost instantanously yesterday and it posed for quite the intrique until I got home and searched the movie with Well, besides being in P.S. I Love You, he was in this British made film, Dear Frankie. I remember bawling my eyes out for that one. Such an amazing story. Touching, really. Anyways, it made me smile to figure out the connections. Ah, like so: :]

Or when you ask how your school's librarian manages to laminate the books without having to rip the pages out. Hah. Annie and I amused ourselves this morning with that mind-boggler. I suggested we go ask, and the librarian kindly explained it to us. We thanked her, and as we started to leave she remarked, "you're the first to ask." Oh goodness. Annie especially felt truly special after that, as if knowing how it was done wasn't enough. XD

Yeah, so. I'm quite tired. I would definitely head off to dreamland in less than half an hour if The Mentalist wasn't coming on the tele at 9:00. Damn me and my need to admire foreign, cute males! Erg, blasted teenage hormones. You are going to make an insomniac out of me!

Regardless, I have this silly and in my personal opinion utterly pointless grocery list to fill out with prices of the foods I want to eat when I'm 29. Okay, how unrealistic is that? What if I decide I want to go vegetarian when I'm 20. How will I know? *sigh* Life is not fair nor always logical, therefore neither are high school assignments? Odd it it all worked out that way, don't yah think?

Blah. I'm seriously fretting my math test. If I got anything lower than a B, I might just shoot myself in the foot. [Which, by the way, my pinky toe still hurts. A tell-tale sign it is definitely broken? Hey, don't ask me. Not the doctor , er, podiatrist, here.] This is ridiculous though, I am getting help from my brother, doing all my homework, taking extensive notes, asking questions yet I manage a C. I've honestly had a mental breakdown over this. My mom consoled me into thinking it isn't a disaster, and I suppose in a sane mind I'd concede that, too.

Oh crudmuffins. I just remembered some other homework I need to finish. No fun.

I'll catch you chillens on the flip side. ^.^b

Ahahaaha. Zack just sent me this site over AIM. It's pretty funny. Especially check out the "Teen Girl Squad" under "Toons".


  1. hey hey hey.

    Just in case you didn't know, it's Marisa.

    From RED blogs.

    See, I told you I would make another blog. It seems as though everyone from RED has mysteriously disappeared. The blogs are still there but, I only get like 3 views a day. Where as I used to get like 90.

    But, what can you do?

    So, Lizzie, how have you been?

  2. Oh, really?
    That's what they did? Those hoe bagels. I felt so special; what with lots and lots of views. :/ Well, poo on them.

    Well, that's good. Shall I flaunt my mathamatical genius on you? For, I get 100's on my math tests.
    But, I really shouldn't say very much; I flunk science.

    I'm okay, I suppose. I am an avid dweller on the past. So, yeah. Homecoming is soon though. Oh, and the Carnival. I hope my science teacher gets pied in the face. Oh, how I would just love that.

  3. Lizzie!

    Its Jackie from the Red Blogs.
    You knoww the "Whats that a hat?" or "My life as a blonde" Yehh!

    I thought I would see how you are dong.
    I might make one of these =]

  4. Yeah, I know what AICE is. Genny is doing it at her new school. I'm in Pre-IB, it's like AICE but much better. :p

    Don't feel bad, there is no way in hell that I would get a date.
    Although, according to his Myspace status, Pizza is looking for a date.

    Oh Jesus. Slap me please.

    Anyway, What classes do you take in AICE? Cause, I know you don;t take Humanities yet.... Which is why IB is better.

    So hah!