November 16, 2008

Eight o'clock smoothies.

My mom and I were feeling putrid Friday night and my dad and brother were sleeping, so we seized the chance to go out.

Ha, and got smoothies. So if you thought pumpkin spice soymilk was good...try the smoothie version--minus the soymilk.

The past week has been slightly stressful. Plenty of tests and school related things going on. Right now I have a headache just thinking about having to study for an important History significance test. I'm also frustrated I didn't do as well on this Timeline test we had in English. I mean, I read the book, but I seriously am one of the worst test takers imaginable.

One of the most awesome pieces of news, though? We got 1st at Academic team!! Which is good, because it put us closer to qualifying for district. Woot, woot! Only sad part is I might not play much since I'm not the best player. Er, the most knowledgeable.

Anyway, hopefully this week will be wonderfully fantastic. Key word: hopefully.

I haven't done much this lazy Sunday other than talk to people. Yesterday on the other hand was fun for two reasons. Uno. I went and got my hair dyed and cut. I love it. Scary part of that story is this elderly lady ran her car through the empty space next door in the building. No joke. Apparently she mistook the gas pedal for the brake and went flying through. Everyone had heard a loud BANG! and had gone running to the scene. Thankfully as I said it was an empty space, the lady wasn't hurt and neither was her car. However, she could've easily had the wheel turned slightly and blasted through the beauty salon, probably severly injuring my mom sitting right there by the door when it happened. I would've been completely HORRIFIED. Geez la wheez.

Dos. I got to see NIkki and Dani for the first time in forever. I liked the play we saw being put on by their high school, too, called, Wait Until Dark It was supposed to be a "thriller" but I wasn't scared. At least all that much. The actors all did a great job making it quite believable and the set was amazing. Haha, Nikki. "The bricks! Look at the bricks! OWN THE BRICKS. It took me and two of my other friends two months to make them. TWO MONTHS." She's so crazy. But that's why she's my best friend. XD

Now I think I'm going to head outside and enjoy the cold weather. It feels so fresh. :]

*Edit: I can't spell, so I corrected a few mistakes. I doubt I caught 'em all.

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