November 08, 2008


I just realized I still have to make up what I've eaten this past week for this nutrition project in biology. Magnificent. >.>

You know what stinks? Not being able to see your best friend even though their sister is your brother's girlfriend. Yes, I'm annoyed that my brother got to hang out with his girlfriend [that can drive] today and it was somehow completely impossible for me to see Nikki. Granted Nikki relays to me now that she has this huge essay to write on the book Animal Farm due Monday, but still. I was looking forward to doing something fun, exciting. Fresh. Okay, I'll admit it: If nothing else, I wanted to get out my house. :/ Not gonna happen.

Annie and Zack had their one-year anniversary together yesterday. They went to go see a Coldplay concert in Orlando. As far as I know, the two had fun, which is how it should be. :)

What other news...oh! I think I broke my left foot's smallest/pinky toe. That or jammed it super badly. Either way, it hurts like hell and I need to remind myself to take another Advil to relieve the pain. Yes, it's hard to walk. I think I should chop it off. Then if it messes with my balance, chop my leg off and get a prosthetic one. That's one way to ensure I'll never have this problem again, right?

Ugh. I can't wait to be done with this history project. Don't get me wrong, I love my group mates [Swanny and Puja] to death, but it just keeps looming over my head. Eh, it's not justified for me to complain--I'm sure they're ready to be done with it, too. The paper, the biggest component is due Monday. We have a few, minor changes to make to it at the moment. Not hard, I'm just lazy as all get out.

Well, I think that's all going on in my life.

Good night and good luck.

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  1. **screams** I love coldplay, their awesome, and now I'm jealous I wasn't at their concert.