December 18, 2008

Exclamation mark!

I know I deleted my other very recent entry. It was quite short, but I don't know if you happened to catch it. Don't bother now though--I deleted it. Not entirely sure why. However, there is some news I started to share: I like a guy.

His name is Will and he's very charming, smart, etc. And I'm going to "go for it." *chuckles* No, I won't bluntly ask the next time I see him, "do you like like me?" [Besides, who says "like like" anymore? Other than me apparently] or if I'm feeling really brave, "let's date." [Wow. Sounds like something a barbie would say. Yikes.] Nope, neither of the two but I'm going to try to befriend him even more, then go further. It's all kinda working through my head right now. He's an awesome guy, so what the heck? What's there to lose?

I think the answers nothing.


  1. Hello.

    The name's Shortcake.

    Strawberry Shortcake.

  2. Well, you have more courage than I ever would. I can never seem to do stuff around guys I like. [Especially breathing. But who needs that?]

    And for that courage, I salute you.

    [I am actually saluting you right now. My mom's looking at me funny as she watches me salute the computer. Which is weird of her because she really should expect this behavior from me. But, no. I still get weird looks. Will she ever learn?]

    Anyway. I still say "like like."
    So hah!