December 26, 2008


I got a sheep for Christmas. Oh no, not a real wool and all sheep. [Though that would've been cool, too.] Just a small plush sheep made in China filled with 100% Polyester fibers. I wanted to name him Gary, but that's the name of the sheep on that one wicked pair of converse! Ack, dilemma. [Wow. I said 'sheep' four times.]

Anyway. My Christmas was dandy, I suppose. Merry Christmas all! Even if it a little late, I mean it all the same. I've already read most of your guys' blogs to see how things were for you. I was just too lazy and unfocused to write one myself. Shame shame, erm, you know my name? And you might've thought it was because I was having too much of a blast. Well, that's only partially true. I played Rockband 2 with my brothers quite a bit and ran around like a lunatic after I had a puke-ish feeling most of the morning. [No, it wasn't because I ate three or four or five--okay, SIX--cinnimon twists/buns.]

My dad got his big-deal present: an ipod touch. Yes, he's been attached ever since. I could tell he was trying to redeem the previous five hours he had spent pre-occupied with it by joining the band and rocking past midnight. [I think our neighbors will still talk to us.] Turns out my dad fails at drumming.

As for me? Eh, besides my lovely sheep who is watching me as I type this [wait, he/she has their eyes closed! What's up with that?] I got a thing for my ipod so I can wake, sleep and charge it. That way I can set it to wake up to music. Ha. I remember I had my boombox set to play "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" but lord knows if I could find the CD it would play from. Plus I got three really pretty Scotland calendars and then an Art from the National Gallery desk calander. That's always helpful. What else...oh, ha, a Finding Nemo game boy advance game. My mom got it free or something at Toys R Us and thought I might get some entertainment value of it. I tried it for five minutes and died. How pitiful.

Mmm, I'm still thinking. My brother as his present to me is taking me to Target [I got a giftcard to there from my grandparents] and then out to lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Man, we spent so much of our earlier youth bickering and fighting almost all. the. time. Maybe we've just reached ages we have mellowed out? Huh, not sure.

Ooi! I also got these super soft socks, [I coulda made that a tongue twister] this pencil/keyboard duster with pandas on it, and a how to guide on photography. Yep, yep.

Ahh, I gotta start getting ready to go.

Peace out.

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  1. Zack zack bo back banana fana fo fack mi my mo mack ZACK!December 27, 2008 at 9:31 PM

    Sounds like a very merry Christmas :D lol. Speak of the Devil, our family got rock band 2 too! (2 too? wtf...)