December 20, 2008

But I deserved it.

I just read the book Boot Camp in the past two days. Quite intriquing in an odd way. I was skeptic towards it first considering my history of checking out the randomest ane foulest books from our school library. I've told Annie about it and my choices really have been laughable. Like The Nature of Jade about a girl who went and visited the elephants to get away from panic attacks, but then starts seeing this guy named Sebestian who lives on a houseboat. That was just terrible.

On to that guy, Will. Eh, I'm still unsure. When I talk to him there are no butterflies. Yes, I smile and feel kinda happy... I know, I know, this doesn't automatically mean I do/don't like him, but I can't seem to conclude if he has feeling for mwah. And though life as we know it won't somehow end if he doesn't in fact like me back, I think being friends might be awkward. The timing seems a little off. Perhaps I should wait a few more months and then dive head first into the deep end. Only seems reasonable, no?

Oh man, I am uberly pleased it is winter break. It will give me time to sort out myself without having to worry about schoolwork. I unleashed a lot of anger the past few days and I think what it boils down to is normal teenage crapola. Which I fancied I could skip. I've seen one brother go through it, and another nearing the final, and sometimes most brutal, stages. I feel like I have no room to complain or as my biology teacher acronyms, B&M.

Now I'm off to change into somehing perhaps a little warmer and take a nap outside. I hope my family doesn't mind.

See you.


  1. Hola.

    Life is good, besides the whole being sick thing.

    But hey, my fever's gone!

    How's life on your end of the spectrum?

  2. You're kidding. KIDDING. I'm coughing too! I find a Mountain Dew downed right after cough medicine is most beneficial, at least for a few hours. And orange juice before and after. ;)
    Merely okay? Gasp!
    What will make your Christmas less special?
    I love Christmas :D
    Um...never heard of him. Or the movie. But I'll take your word for it.
    Well, actually, I can't. Basil is the sexiest, and Daniel is the awesomest.
    Sorry. ;)
    I'm kidding! Though Daniel is pretty awesome, and Basil is pretty sexy...
    I feel so weird saying that, but my friend did too, so I'm just quoting her. ;D
    How many smilies have I used? Wow.

  3. What was the novel, Boot Camp, about? And no worries, I find myself checking out a slew of books that have no relation to my usual taste in books. I like to say, I'm exploring my horizens. I don't think you can make yourself have chemistry for the guy, maybe time will help you grow on him but it could also wither. But I'd stick with being friends and just go from there. I've dealt with the same thing during the last school year. I'm definitely excited that it is Winter Hols as well! Enjoy yours. ×D