December 13, 2008

Green eyes.

I attest, if nothing else, life is full of surprises. Whether they be good, bad, or somewhere in between. Who could've foreseen literally a few hours after I posted my last blog entry Nikki and I encountering Ethan and his girlfriend at the mall? He asked for a hug, and we gave him one. We were friendly to his equally as kind girlfriend. Her and Ethan love each other and hell, if he's happy, I've said go for it since day one. Even if consequently he "never had time" to keep up with our friendship, at this point, I've stopped worrying if he thinks of me, or if he's going to call back. But maybe it was intended this way? Maybe.

Yes, new font style. I kinda, sorta stole it from Marisa. [Shh!] The other one I had been using seemed a little too bland and hard to read.

I should be working on my re-do Most Dangerous Game literature essay-type questions for English. It's somewhat a punishment for those who did pretty well, but what's wrong with an opportunity to improve your grade? Not much, so long as your head isn't still ready to explode/implode/whatever. Thank goodness exams are next week and then it's 16 days of bliss. Oh, and that if I do amazingly on my math exam, I could end up with a B for the semester. Anything to lift my spirits is good. Especially since I'm sick, which is second behind being called "Lizzie Maguire" on the things I hate most list. :/

I watched Wanted yesterday. :D No other words necessary. Seriously; hehe.

Well, I really should part. Bacon and M&M'is are calling my name.
[And I suppose so is homework. Grumble, grumble. Pouty face.]

See yah.


  1. You font stealer you.
    haha, we don't have exams until after break.

  2. I read The Most Dangerous Game as well in freshmen year. It's an okay short story.