December 29, 2008

Red journal of feelings.

Looking back upon it now on what I've written in this red journal of mine, I relive 2008. It was a gift from Zack for my 13th birthday. So wow; it's already been more than year since I got it. Confession: I haven't written in it every day or anything, and I went a few months just reading the message and never attempting to write. Then what I did manage to jot down at first hardly seemed interesting, then it picked up, then it faded. Reminds me of the pattern of the tides: high tide, low tide, high tide, low tide. All four in one day. But it is something I will forever cherish. And perhaps will be more involved with again.

I made an entry today that signifies the end of a chapter in my life. I titled it 'My Apologies' and it ends with the phrase, 'So I'm letting go.' I'm ready to start the new year. I'm more than ready to set out some resolutions, then write them down, never to be forgotten.

I think that'll be good. Plan out some direction for my life. If I have my eyes set on being a photographer or a photojournalist, why wait to learn the tricks of the trade? My dad went out and bought photoshop for me today. He also got tennis rackets, silently implying he wants to go play at a local park. I suppose it would be courteous to appease him.

My brother has borrowed my hair-dryer to dry a shirt of his. Waaa? He's leaving the bathroom without returning it? Great; I'll go fetch it eventually. What a meanie! He just walked in and peered at me--empty handed. Bah.

Sometimes having hours of not doing anything is bad. A new hobby of mine is to go onto youtube and watch all these reviews on things like movies, cell phones, ipods, etc. What annoyed me though was some people's poo-pooing of the 3rd generation "fat" ipod. I happen to like mine a lot, thank you very much! :p And yes, it's quite possible I have gone completely mad.

I think I'm going to install photoshop, now. Later.

Note to Zack: If that's the impression you got, okay, but in my view my Christmas was only mediocre. I've seen better. And that's awesome. Hope you're having as much with it as I am.


  1. Hello!

    I should really put you on my blogs list; I'll forget to see if you've updated for a couple days, then have a bunch to catch up on.

    Hmm, I should write in my diary more often. I don't really need to, is the thing. I have my regular blog, where I write stuff that happens and about half of my reaction to it, and my Blogger blog, which I never write in, and my Complaining blog, where I complain about stuff I wouldn't in public. What could I possibly write in there? Sometimes I write long, boring rants about Basil and/or Daniel, or I doodle, or story snipits, or the like. But don't I do that in my regular blog?

    That was one long, pointless paragraph.

    Forgive me!

  2. I will do that as soon as I'm done responding to all my comments.

    Oh wait!

    (That was sarcasm, but you knew that.)

    Behold, the glory of my regular blog!

    And yes, they are. Please, please don't ask why we call him Basil.


    Happy 2009!

  3. Crap, it doesn't show the entire link.

    Well, my blog would be under "Cloudy" on my blog's list.