December 05, 2008

Sleep deprivation.

The sun wasn't our friends, that's for sure.
But these are mine.
From left: Ethan, Dani, myself, Nikki and Zack. :]
Haha, I bet Zack doesn't like this one, [sorry if you don't!]
his hair looks's much longer and straight now.
Not like I ever talk to him or see him to know a difference,
yet Ethan has more facial hair now.
In fact, this was the last time I did see the kid. :p
But there's such a thing as myspace.
Nikki and Dani don't have braces anymore.
I've gotten rid of the glasses and darker hair.
Wow; we all look older.
It's hard to believe this was just a year and two months ago though...

I drew this as a beginning project in art.
It's of the famous painting by Georges Suerat,
"Island of La Grande Jette"

There hasn't been much time to relax this week. Why? Simple answer: procrastination. Horrible habit and I'd love to feel like I'm improving/breaking the habit [yes, that Linkin Park song sprung into my head, too] but perhaps I'm not. I'm just collecting these unattractive bags under my eyes. Though I am slightly convinced there is something else with burst blood vessels, 'cause I can sleep all day and eat well and they're still there.

Remember the guy I kinda-sorta but only somewhat stalked? Well Thursday I finally got up the nerve to talk to him. It was so awkward, though as I should've expected. Here's how it all went down.

I was getting in line for regular school lunch and noticed none other than bus-fascinating-guy in front of me. He kept looking around, obviously bored. [Or worried some ninja was out to get him.] He stopped for a second and I chose to bluntly asked, "Why don't you ever talk?"

Him: Uhh. *shrugs, then kinda smirks*
Me: Okay...
We move up in the line.
Me: I'm Lizzie. What's yo--
Him: Stephan/Stephen.
Me: Oh, don't you ride my bus?
Him: Do you ride ride bus number 1-2-2-6?
Me: *kinda smiling* Yes.

And that was basically that. i think it's best I just leave this alone. No such point in chasing after something I may never catch.

My word. I have this pounding headache. Making doing homework even bleaker. Gah. I think I'll take some advil and play Animal Crossing DS.

Good news: I'm going to see Twlight with Nikki this evening at the mall's theater. We should have fun. ^o^

Quote of the day [so far]:
"I hate people who hate people."
--A sticker I have had for a while.


  1. blah, bad picture of me lol. I can't see my face...

    stupid sun... :P lol.

  2. i've got a headache today, too. ._.
    i was wondering about that bus guy. oh well.