December 16, 2008

You win some, you lose some.

Got a 71 on my math exam today. No need for excuses--I got what I got. Thankfully my semester grade is a B. Which is going to have to be alright, too. I'm just so damn happy math it is out of the way, though. One final exam down, six more to go. I'm about to write my art essay then study for bio and English.

I desperately need sleep. I might even go to bed at like, 8, then have to catch my favorite show, "The Mentalist" sometime else. Or not watch it. I usually don't let TV dictate my life, well, hardly at all, it's just this one show. Ah, hell, here's the solution: I don't see it and learn to build a bridge and get over it. Simple as that.

Wow; I feel bitter and snippy. I remember having conversations about me being unpleasant to talk to when I feel this way. So does this mean the same for what I write in this mood? 'Cause in essence I'm talking, right?


I'll try to update when this school madness is over with, yet I have a feeling I won't be having this compy anymore or any one at all.

If I'm not back, have a good holiday(s). Be good.

You'll have stories to tell, perhaps?

1 comment:

  1. Replying your "how are you?"

    I am seriously exhausted. As I type this I am struggling to keep my my eyes open. I'm squinting! And the only reason I'm on the computer is to finish up an essay. And I'd might as well check on my blog which I haven't updated in a few days BUT will soon enough. Anyhow, you also need sleep? Dido on that. I woke up four in the morning yesterday to study for an earth science test to find out it is open book.

    *sighs* I'll catch up on my sleep this weekend.