January 26, 2009

B's in more ways than one.

Quite an uneventful day at school in my opinion. THe highlight might have to be the fact there was a massive swarm of bees everywhere in the lunch, courtyard area. I don't have any homework tonight. Blissful. It's my mother's birthday today. Plus it's the Chinese New Year. Oh, darn, I shoulda worn red for good luck! Anyway. Uneventful day means slightly uneventful evening. No homework besides this FCAT practice. I know if you don't live in Florida you might be wondering what on earth FCAT is. In a nutshell, it is hell in a handbasket. Mind-numbingly stupid test we have to take [and pass, I might add] every year from third grade to tenth grade. You kind of get a break in eleventh only having to take Science. I'd describe it in more detail, yet it bores me, too.

As for the boy department [or should I say "mens"?] I playfully tapped Will on the shoulder today while almost skipping by. Kinda flirtatious like. He smiled. I smiled. I almost kinda bursted with giddiness. However, I can't get my hopes way to sky high. At least not yet. Do not make presumptious assumtions, Lizzie. [Ha, we can pretend like that made sense.] I saw Stephen/ven and girlfriend making out AGAIN. By now it's routine and such but t's still plain yick. Yick. Yick. Yick.

Speaking of B's, I believe that's what I got on my math quiz today. I think I could've done better had I studied even more. WAIT! HOLY SHMOLY!! Just checked grades online...and, drumroll please, I got a 92! :D Insanely. Happy. I just ran around showing everyone in my family what I got. Ahhh, except my dad. Hold on; I'll be back. Just did. Whoooo! This feels so great. I'm going to study that much every time. No lie.

This evening went by slowly, and I'm grateful. Very grateful.

I think these lazy bones need a rest. G'night.


  1. haha, oh my god. that coheed and cambria song brings back so many memories. wow, i haven't listened to them in ages. thanks for finding them for me! xD

  2. Awesome blog. I'll be visiting again soon.