January 21, 2009

No one runs faster than you can.

I felt adventurous yesterday afternoon,
so I went outside in the freezing cold and took pictures.
I like the angle. :]

I had the intention of writing la few nights ago except my brother, fellow procrasinator, needed the laptop to work. He uses mine since his other laptop doesn't keep a charge and is just hard to even describe how it's messed up. :/ Which is unfortunate. But, the point being, my brother will probably get a laptop for his birthday (Jan 28th) and he won't be consistently asking to borrow mine after then. I'm usually happy to share, though. He let me do the same over the summer when his computer at least turned on, despite running programs like it was a slurtle. (A cross between a sloth and a turtle. Haha.)

I felt like a dolt for not figuring this out myself, but Zack mentioned creating pictures using my tablet and photoshop. My first semi-creation is my new sweetawesome blog title background. It's only partially mine since I didn't take those pictures myself. However, I did arrage them so and put my title in. Yep, yep.
I had a math test yesterday and we were given them back to finish today during reading period. Yeah, let's not hide the facts, I'm quite sure I have a failing grade on it. Bah. I cried earlier and I think my resolve this time around is to do my homework more than once and quizzing myself EVERY DAY. Because I should be able to do this. Why I keep panicing is beyond me. I mustn't be overwhemled. I can do this.

My internal enthusiam swelled as I watched, er listened - in History no less - to newly sworn-in President Obama address us Americans during his Inauguration yesterday. I could probably write paragraphs about how I feel towards this, yet I have to eat soon and still have a "family portrait" to draw according to descriptions of characters in short story Harrison Bergeron for English. I went online to check my grades and I got a 90 on my vocab definitions. Which makes me a little mad. I bet it was some of those blasted challenges that did me in. Okay, sorry; I'll stop muttering.

We're going to start glass etching in art. Sounds fun and different!

I need to study the parts of the heart before next Wednesday. I fear my biology vocab test today wasn't spectacular due to lack of proper preperation. (Awesome alliterations, no?) Thankfully, my grade at this moment is 110. Now, I can fret a little less, perhaps?

Wow. Just about every other day I've helped out at my old middle school. Last Thursday for Science Bowl coaching. Past Saturday I spent a fair portion helping kiddos with their science project written-up things and last night I judged the school science fair. [Which isn't a huge deal. There are no medals and sore losers.] Tomorrow, more coaching. Wundebar.
I'm telling you, Aerobics is a good workout. I'm glad I'm taking it. Even if it is first period and I get all sweaty. I'll make that sacrifice for a healthy body anyday. Well, almost anyday, anyway. (I swear it just comes out like that. I don't spend 15 minutes trying out words to get that combination. It'd be a little absurd if I did.)

I've noticed I haven't done the tagging right for a couple of my entires. Ah, my bad.
Still have English to finish and my math resolve to do. And hey, maybe I can finish Zack's drawing? Maybe.


  1. This is my vampire face- :FJanuary 21, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    Maybe you can finish Zack's drawing you say? Hmmm, here's hoping :D lol.

  2. I'm doing great except for the fact I am nervous for midterm exams and extremely tired.

    I quit my art classes. It was on Saturdays and I thought it was more important to have that day off for programs (like the film one) that would look good on my college portfolio. Perhaps I'll do it again in the summer?

    Anyhow, how are you? I read that you no longer want to be a photographer? Why? Another one of those phases? I've had plenty of phases. I have wanted to be an actress, Olympic swimmer, etc.

    I have no idea what I want in life. It's scary.

  3. I remember reading Harrison Bergeron in ninth grade. I really liked it. It was unexpected.

    Plus, I had a twisted fascination with the ballerinas.