January 30, 2009

You don't know me at all.

This is a rough draft of a logo for Zack's band, My Sweet Alibi.
I'm working on photoshop using my tablet to draw this.
I understand there is choppiness,
and we're working on it!
But in the meantime, you can check out their music:
I'm still sore from an intensive aerobic workout yesterday. Not to mention tired from leaving the house at 7:10 am and getting back slightly before 9 pm. But, I shall not complain for the fear Zack will comment "Whambulance!" due to my excessive whining. Oh, whatever. This is my blog. :p [Haha, our math teacher delegated him to be teacher's assistant today in class.]

My day was mediocre. More FCAT practice, just now for English. Busy work plus plenty of vocab to define before Friday the 13th of Februrary in Biology. I think think there's something like 102 words. Not so good-o. I'm getting closer to being done with glass etching in art. I need to put contact paper on the glass, trace my designs, then cut it out. I have history notes to write. To fulfull the requirement of five pages, I'm going to use wide ruled paper instead of my usual college ruled kind. It's kinda silly when there's only five pages of information, not all of it relevant, to take notes on in the first place. Well, I'm not the teacher and it doesn't exactly bother me either way. Simply must get it done.

I am reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, recommended by Zack as somewhat theraputic. [I keep wanting to think her name is "rind". Tee hee.] It's okay so far. Problem with some books are they take a little to long to truly get into. I'll try not to abandon this one. If you're looking for a good read, I would have to say Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Who is visiting a local library near me. Puja, Swanny?, and I might go to ask questions. And no, I haven't prepared thirteen reasons why you should read it, like my friend, Dammie, asked for me to list. Half the reasons were because I'm sweetawesome. Ha-ha.

Part of why I was at school way past the time I should be was because of this showcase for possibly incoming freshman interested in all the clubs, sports and such the high school has to offer. Puja and I were practically begged by the library specialist to represent Teen Book Club at the event. Oh, yay. We talked to a few people here and there, but no one was majorly impressed from what I could tell. There's was a man almost downright outraged about there "not being any science fiction books on display." I seriously couldn't tell if he was giving me a hard time, or if he was a teacher I just didn't know. Unusual, either way.

My turtles' drawing was put up again! Pretty rad, right? Puja and I got quite a bit bored and I was a little hyper myself. I went down a few empty tables to another set-up and they were pouring punch and this guy was like, "would you want some?" I kindly said no. A few minutes later, him and other friends of his put their cups to a toast and grabbed one, joining in, then saying, "but I don't know any of you." I went on to explain that I was my brother's sister and they were incredulous. "Really? You guys look nothing alike." A slight pause, my amused chuckle at the common response. Then one adds, "you definitely got the good genes." And I wonder if I blushed. I probably did, damnit! I said thanks and there was nothing more. [In retrospect, it sounds like some stupid pick-up line, though I didn't perceive it that way then. It seemed genuine with a slight hint of adoration.]

Perhaps this weekend will be relaxing. I better finish Zack's poster soon.

See yah on the flip side.

Quote of the month:
"Samurais are ninjas!"
--A girl named Corrine in my history class who is not the sharpest crayon in the box.
And she knows this.


  1. *gasp* No! Of course not! Never! All I was saying was a lot of the entries were eerily similar! I love all the blogs to death but they all use the same style of writing!!!

    I'm sorry...

  2. I added that band on Myspace. My friends are in a band, too! I'm glad someone can relate.

    Whambulance? That's brilliant!
    And it isn't too choppy. It will come out right (:

  3. Aww, I'm sorry. Again. You don't have to change anything, really. It was just an observation...

  4. Love your new profile pic, by the way.

  5. I love your new profile picture!

    I half read Thirteen Reasons Why.The dead girl's (I don't mean to sound insensitive, I forgot her name) reasons for killing herself are unrealistic in my opinion. It seems to me that the author doesn't understand how teen girls react to situations. The book was over dramatic and I couldn't force myself to finish it.

    Your logo will turn out great, keep working on it. :)