February 02, 2009

As I promised,

here is a [wonderous] picture of Zack's completed poster.
Note: The flowery pattern towards the edges is not actually part of it. 'Tis my quilt.

I have homework I should be doing. Especially studying my whatever off for math. First things first, get my Bio lecture notes in order. Okay, explanation: The way our teacher does it is through powerpoints and we can print out a great deal of the less important information beforehand. Needless to say I take advantage of that. Just this time, I forgot to pull out the paper tray dohickey and [I had chosen the "fast, economical" printing option since I'm all about saving the environment and pandas,] the papers spewed everywhere in a frenzy.

Also, I don't know why I was possessed to do so, but I got a friendster. It's not all that fantastic. Part of me is fascinated by all the embedding, codes and whatnot there is involved with websites such as it. From anyone else's standpoint though, I'm a lame-o. [Lame-o: One who is lame. O.] I have zippo friends!

Rainy day. Part of me wants to run outside with my cute panda umbrella and take pictures while it's only a light drizzle.
I was througly saddened. The lighting was unsutiable for taking pictures. Ah, well. Better luck next time?

I need Mountain Dew.


  1. Ha ha. That's awesome.

    And don't worry, I'm calmed down.

  2. Hee hee. Heroes on tonight. I live for that show.

    It was one of them ;)

    And yes, it's better than being hyper, because when I'm hyper I'm really bored because I want to do something but I can't.

    Because I have no life. Sniff sniff.

    Mmm, chocolate is good. My dad just made brownies. Sorry, I'm not helping, am I? Ha ha, no. And couldn't you just put it on flash or something? Pssht. I know nothing about photography except aim, click button, save, show all friends.

    Naw, babblings cool with me. I babble myself, so it would be tres hypocritical to sue you for it.

    I liked your entries on that blog...

    Aw crap, I have math homework. I can't miss any more, or I'm in big trouble.

    I don't do math a lot.

    Agh, I really should. I'm probably getting a B- this marking period. For tests, but still.

    Aw man, I wasn't planning on it. Oh well, since you told me too...


    I know I didn't seem too excited, but when I got home I looked at the poster and then at the real picture and truly appreciated it. It's an awesome poster. If i could rate it i'd give it 10 stars :D. Thanks so much :D.

  4. Heroes is the GREATEST show EVER. Your brother must be trying to torture you. Agh.

    I have a life! Kinda...

    Define "life".

    Mmm, chocolate. I loooove chocolate. The brownies were so good. They were underdone to boot, so they were all soft! Yum.

    I hate brain changes. Ha ha.

    Taxes/Tezxes? I'm confused.
    That's a class?

    Ha ha. My friend Vera is OBSESSED with grades. She thinks an A is what's expected of you and everything below that makes you a horrible student. I told her a C was average and an A was exceptional. She didn't believe me :(

    Ha ha. I probably should've mentioned that.

    Spinstspa? Awesome. Mine is "immut". Sounds like an Alaskan tribal leader.

  5. I got a Friendster about a year ago, made a profile, and never logged on again. Did the same thing with Tagged. And Twitter. And Blogspot at first, actually! Have had a blog since October '07. Only started posting and being active December '08. Hehe :)

    I love rain :) It usually takes up residence here in Winter, but instead we get snow passing through. Maybe it's on a road trip or something? Just passing through. We never get snow. Last time I remember having it was when I was about 3/4. And I lived on a farm.

    Hurricanes sound scary. I think I was caught up in a small-ish one when I was little and went to Florida for Disneyworld :D I'm going again this summer, can't wait!

    Was reading through your profile and saw you like Thirteen Reasons Why. I adore that book >< 'Tis so awesomely awesome. Have you read Elsewhere, or The Lovely Bones? I always associate them with TRW, even though they're really not that similar. But fabulous books :)

    Thankyou for linking me >< I think I'm going to follow your blog now :)


  6. Guess what? I'm confused...

    And seriously, you probably have more of a life than me. My life is getting smoothies and IMing on Yahoo.

    Brownies ROCK. Unfortunately, my whole science table thinks pie is better. Pshht, no way. I like underdone, cuz it's soft and gooey, but overdone is frightening.

    As I should........hate brain changes, right?

    Sorry, I forgot what we were talking about the last time. I'm soooo busy.

    Well, not really. I don't know where that came from.

    Why do you have an entire class on taxes? I could see a seminar, or even a club on things relating to taxes, but an entire class? How much is there to learn?

    I'm just not a tax person.

    Ew, mental breakdowns are never good. I never worry about grades, unless I get below a B-, cuz then my parents punish me. On the other hand, if I get straight A's, they get me iTunes gift cards.

    Ha ha.

    Oooooh! I got "cotall". I'm thinking dish washer fluid.

  7. Dude, that's an awesome picture thingy.

    I have a friendster. I have a pretty much everything. I just don't use most of them.

    Your definition of Lame-O made me laugh. Just thought I would share...

  8. I guess you deleted your new entry.

    Well, I read it and was going to comment. I guess I'll just comment on this one instead.

    I think I've felt that way before. People love labels and labeling others. There's no way too please them, so I just forget them. Let the wind blow their words away (corny but it helps)

    There's this song Big Weenie by Eminem. You should listen to it. Perhaps you can relate to it.

    I've had no problems so far in my high school, but I did in junior high. People thought I was conceited. They just didn't/don't understand me. They thought I was arrogant because of my high grades. I wanted to please them, though. I wanted to prove to them that I was not all the things that they were calling me. It was a waste of energy on my part. They're ignorant.

    Feel better and listen to the song.