February 16, 2009

Inside this sad, sad song.

I don't like waking up from solacing dreams into this wretched, living nightmare. If it was practical, I would sleep forever. Alas, I have work I should be doing. I'm pretty sure I can finish all my math homework/studying tomorrow morning, but I have an English worksheet for Animal Farm due who-knows-when and a history glossary. None of which are extermely difficult, just time consuming. Lazy bum Lizzie would rather play this PC game, Safecracker, with her brother, even if they get stuck on every other puzzle. I think I need to make a compromise. Hold on, I want more water. Backola.

I fantasized I'd try to go out and buy interesting art supplies at this new store relatively close by using the public transport system today. No dice. I'm going to need a new sketchbook before too long, though. I think it's about time I also organized a specific place in my room to carry out my art projects. My desk would create a good spot, save all the stuff (mainly books and papers) piled atop to the one side. Erg, there's a lot I should do to improve my room. Perhaps something I can accomplish by the end of spring break, which itself is still a little ways in the future?

Who knows.


  1. Not just funny, but amusing? Gee whiz, I'm touched.

    OHMAGOD I love quizzes like that. Not that I've ever taken one, but it sounds fun. I mean, why not have a quiz tell you who you are instead of figuring it out yourself? Genius!!!

    Ha ha, can you tell I was bored when I wrote that?

    Ha ha (again), I hope so.

    I should do that, shouldn't I? The problem is: I suck at first comments. I need to work on that...of course, practice makes perfect, but...you know what? Never mind.

    Trit sounds somewhat weird.

    Well, you'd have to get rid of an 'n' too, but besides that, yeah!

    Ewwwww cow eye *shudder*. We disect a frog this year...needless to say, I am not working forward to that. I suppose it is better than worksheets, but our teacher gives us all the answers anyway, so it's not all that bad. Eek, she's on maternity leave, and the school never got a sub (they knew since August...wow.), so we're gonna have a new one pretty much every day.

    Babbling is cool with me.

    "Heden". That sounds like a foreign word for Hell, or on a more positive side, a please somewhere around Finland.

    Ta-ta, I'm off to comment on blogs! Mwa ha ha. They'll never see it coming.

    HOLD UP! I should probably comment on your actual entry too, huh? Nothing wrong with more conversation.

    Dreams are the bestest, except when you have nightmares. That used to happen ALL THE TIME.

    Oh, was that a metaphorical "dream"? Oops.

    Never heard of "Safecracker". What do you do in it? Puzzles, I guess...

    One time I one a contest in fourth grade and the sub awarded me with a sketch book and colorful crayons. I don't know what happened to the sketch book, but I still have the crayons!

    Woah, Spring Break is in the farfarfar distant future. It boggles the (well, at least my) mind to think about it.

  2. I have a bunch of work I really should be doing. But it's a weeks holiday! I have loads of time, surely?
    I'm too tired and lazy to do it right now.

  3. Ha ha. I'm the master of un-answerable questions.

    I thought Animal Farm was a DS game...OH WAIT! That's Animal CROSSING. Silly me.

    Very much so with what? These long comments are confusing...

    I left a first comment! It didn't completely suck! Go me, go me, go me.

    I can't imagine what a trit is.

    HA HA.

    Nah, I probably won't, but I'm in the WORST class, so that'll be taken care of.

    Ha ha, big words! Same here.

    Helsinki is DEFINITELY a place. Wait, what were we talking about?

    Yeah, ha ha. I'm trying to shorten this one somewhat.

    Woah, that sounds weird. Usually I have the awesomest and most out-there dreams KNOWN TO MAN.

    'Known to man' was capitilized because capitolizing things is fun. Wooooow I spelled that WRONG.

    Aw, I want those dreams! My most recent dream was someone trying to kill me and a bunch of other people. Blah.

    Accents are dreamy :) I'm told "dreamy" is a gay thing to say, but whatever.

    Um...what's the difference?

    I spout wisdom sometimes too! Well, mostly I giggle a lot, but wisdom too.

    Happiness abounds. Bruce texted me. Well, I'm sure you've read all about that.

    I'll be leaving for school in...11 minutes. Ha ha.

    Either that or an exotic bird. OHMAGOD I have a great one: auticies. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Okay, now its: tiononsu, which I have to say because it's just so awesome.

  5. Well, that would've been an okay response to everything in my book.

    Thanks :D. This will certainly come in handy when I'm making small talk with guys.

    Guy: Hi.
    Me: Hello. Do you know the difference between Animal Farm and Animal Crossing? One is a book about talking pigs, and the other is a DS game.
    Guy: ...

    Yay me! Ha ha. Guess who I FirstCommented?


    I have cool dreams, it just makes up for it (in badness) when I forget them five seconds later.

    Yay! Ha ha. Dreamydreamydreamy, yay!

    Wow, you get up at six in the morning? I salute you.

    About what? Oh yeah! Bruce. He texted me more today, yay. I'll post our conversation.

    DOWRIZE. That is even awesomer than the first one. I'm thinking a drug that knocks you out.