February 28, 2009


We had pilates again yesterday in aerobics. I was a little upset we hadn't done anything else Tuesday through Thursday since our coach/teacher was out, but that's okay. No big deal. My turtles drawing is going to be entered in yet another art show that requires to have it framed. So I bought one and my teacher will install it and adjust the matting for it as well. I'm so happy! I won best of show at the last one it was entered in, plus a hundred dollars savings bond. Woot, woot. I completed my painted color wheel, too. It could've been better. Now I'm working on an intensity chart and on picking out a flower picture to paint.

Biology was boring. We went over questions to previous labs and our most recent vocabulary quiz. In history we did FCAT practice. AKA total blegh. We got out significance tests back the other day and I got a 103. Pretty darn proud of myself. I still await the paper 2 grade, which might not be good at all. We had a fiesta de cumpleanos in Spanish 1 as part of a test. We had a pinata [a purple Transformers one no less] cake, candy, and everything. Not quite a bunch of
fun, but a decent amount.

In English we were in the library doing even more total blegh. Only parts that made it interesting was one girl notifying me I'm double jointed due to being able to rest my hands on the table so my fingers pointed at me. [I swear it's just, if not more, comfortable than doing it the usual way.] And getting to sit next to Will for a short while. We were moving around to different "stations" where we had different refrence books and questions to answer. It was amusing since Will, sitting across from me tried to erase something and the whole table wabbled and squeaked. He waited, tried again and when it did, I swear he gave me the sweetest smile. Then he moved his paper and book off the table to write. I regret finishing that one so early, I could've given myself an excuse to talk to him more. Instead, I kept up at my own pace.

Yeah. I have a math story to write and aerobics to do. Next entry I'll post a picture, perhaps. Of what? That I'm not sure.


  1. I wonder what that math story will be about. Very unique blog of honesty. all the best on your blogging.

  2. You know what's weird?
    We haven't even started FCAT practice.
    And it's in what 2 weeks?

  3. Happy First of March!

    My hair was so boring, and now it's cool! Haircuts rock. I should change my style every year...

    Oh, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, grown-out bangs.


    Yeah, theme songs are awesome. I have so many choices...

    I vote for the second one ;)

    I Miss You--Blink 182

    Cocruiso is a tropical island, like Cuba or something, except it's a tourist attraction.

    Nymmidi is an Asian/Indian/African food.

  4. Hey, congrats on the turtle picture! I used to really love Art, but thanks to limited options a couple of years ago I gave it up so I could do Spanish - I love Spanish so I'm not too distraught, I guess.

    I can't even begin to imagine how you might rest your hands on your table with your fingers pointing at you. Are they curled under?