February 01, 2009

Now you've come to accept that anatomy defines more than a few.

I wish the weekends were longer. Granted I don't tend to do anything in the realm of adventures during them, I think it'd still be nice. It'd give an extra day to do all the homework you slacked on the previous two days. If only I was around to invent the calender, right? Then I could invent new months, too like McAvober and Pandary. And probably have been of such influence and immortality [meaning I would be worshipped as a God] I could race ahead in time and change Burger King to Lizzie King so that my slogan would be, "Have it my way."

Today is the Super Bowl. I could care less. [No, that wasn't a direct diss to anyone who happens to like football and are decked out in jerseys and such as they read this.] It just doesn't affect me. Sports in general do not and I don't even bother to speculate why. I'm leaving the loving up to my two older brothers and dad, the men of the family. You see, Mom and I can play Animal Crossing on our DS's instead. Or go see Slumdog Millionare together. If that's the plan, I better finish my homework, now. If it was to research Scottish things, I'd feel more inclined to finish it in a jiffy. Psh, am I kidding myself? I'd be working on that all. the. time. I probably should do something other to my hair as well. At the moment, it is one big curly-ish blob hairclipped to the back of my head.

Wow, it's February, isn't it? Bizzare. Wait, this means only 13 days until I get to hand out my Bob the Builder and Kung Fu Panda valentines! Well, technically 12 days since chances are I won't be tracking down my friends at their houses or whereever they are on a Saturday. I have to admit that'd be pretty cool, though. Yet the creepy, unnerving, disconcerting feelings that comes along with doing that are enough to have me do otherwise.

I'm just about done with Zack's drawing. I bet I can finish it before 3:00. I'll put a picture of it up here after I give it to him. I want him to be surprised to see it, not just, "oh, yeah, hey, I saw this on your blog already." Spoils everything. :p

Last note! About the song you hear when you come to this delightful blog: [If you have the sound on, that is.] Yes, I understand it has biblical refrencing, but that's not why I like it. I simply enjoy the melodicness of their voices. Plus, I secretly wish my name was Gloria because that guy's voice is to die for when he sings it.

I do believe I'm done here. Let us all have a good week. We'll see if I have time to update besides with a wonderous picture of Zack's poster.

*Edit: Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page! It is quite hilarious.


  1. I really don't care much about sports either. It's more of an obsession with our kind of football (soccer) over here though. And tennis.

    I love your blog :)

  2. Ha ha. One of my nicknames is Gloria.