February 20, 2009

Pilates: good for your bodies.

Apparently from now on, every Monday and Friday in aerobics we're going to do pilates. I'm quite flexible and have stayed so through dance the past two years, but I definitely still feel my abs working. I have good posture as well. Woot, woot.

We're working on a color wheel in art. It's pretty awesome, especially when I get so absorbed in what I'm doing I focus only on what color I'm trying to mix and/or how it compares to the example; that's it. I don't know if that's uncommon, but I've had acute focus the past couple of days. I seem to dissolve into my own sector out in space, and yet I'm still observant, just not while I'm working. Eh, perhaps I've always been this way, it just is more prominent lately.

In Bio yesterday to test our reflex time, the class stood in a circle holding hands, passing along a "squeeze". I slight tinge of jealous struck me when I realize Will was holding hands with two girls, (granted the three sit by each other) whereas every other guy was with another guy. I don't know what it would've mattered to hold his hand for the lab anyway. I'm more and more convinced he doesn't like me "like that" and I'm so bogged down at school I don't care. I'm apathetic. But see, at home I have tendencies to be hyper and giddy practically to the point of euphoria. I really don't understand why myself.

I'm relieved my history tests are done this week. Yeah, I said it, fineto. My history project group, consisting of Puja, Swanny and Anesia (pronounced: uh-knee-sa) is going to meet at the library tomorrow.

I'm going to head outside and read before it gets too frigid. Adíos.


  1. I know a girl whose name is Anesia (uh-knee-sa).

    Pilates is a great workout. I should start doing that.

  2. I am well, thank you.

    Ha ha, I sounded proper, when in truth I am not.

    Go irony!

    Don't ask me how irony fits in there.

    Okay, good. Ha ha, my word is HILARIOUS this time. You'll have to keep reading to find out what it is ;) Mwa ha ha!

    ...Chances of what? And yes, indeed I should.

    Aww, sorry, ha ha. I'll send you flowers :)

    Which one? Nonete, glinsan, store, or sesse?

    Japenese is cool.
    I hope they teach it at the school I'm going to.

    Now for the big reveal: bertspar! I don't need to explain why this is so funny.

  3. Another entry deleted?

    I get really excited when you post an entry, so I get bummed when I find out you delete it. Oh, well.

    You really shouldn't delete your entries, perhaps you should create a private blog where you can write your super private thoughts. Just a suggestion.