February 22, 2009

Too much.

Can you die from reading too much? I would think the answer is no. There are plenty of people who read the newspapers daily and haven't kicked the bucket due to that. But, who knows for sure? Are there scientific studies being held upon the subject, hmm? Oh, what silly questions I come up with sometimes.

I ask this primarily because I couldn't put the book, City of Bones, down and have since started another I had checked out, titled Avalon High. It's intriguing thus far.

My mom made deviled eggs yesterday in lieu of my being upset before my history project meeting. I appreciate everything she does. Everything she goes through to make sure I'm happy and safe. I feel guilty being mad at her when I'm ususally just mad at myself. I'm also mad at myself for deleting the entry "Right Now". I'm sorry, especially to Jedi Girl from A Nice Kind of Mean, if you were planning on reading or read it and didn't have time to comment.

I want to go to Scotland more than ever, despite people practically brandishing it with the image that guys walk around with kilts on 24/7. I think: sure, on certain holidays or time of the year they would, but it's not as though they don't own Levis. Maybe they were joking and I was taking it to seriously. Either way, I don't find it supportive of them and regret sharing my aspirations with those who find it amusing to criticize them, intentionally or not.

Anyway. I sound more bitter than I really am. Changeling was an amazing movie. If you've seen it and liked the acting done by officer JJ Jones, I recommend you watch Burn Notice, which stars the same actor. [It's on channel 39, or USA, from 10 to 11 pm on Thursdays.]

Ha, the new calgary verizon phone looks effin' sweet! :]

See yah.


  1. I too wish to visit Scotland someday.
    It's one of the happiest places in the world.