February 14, 2009


"These are our tax dollars at work."
I made this shrinky dink key chain during my gifted meeting.
Just goes to show you how badly Florida is funding gifted.
It says, 'keep dreaming.'
I attached my elevator keys for the time being.

I got a 99 on my math quiz. I find it crazy I never have gotten a 100. Would it be too much to get everything right just that once?

Happy Valentine's Day, I guess. I don't have much to say. My appetite has been weird. I only crave junk food. Chocolate. Marshmellows. I'm acting strange, too. I thought it'd be fun, so I took a Hershey's kiss and melted it with my blow dryer. I watched the Secret of My Success and find Micheal J. Fox quite appealing. (That's not so strange.) I basically screamed both my mom and dad's heads off. Plus I haven't done anything productive which bothers me. I hate how I went from really, really happy Friday to aching numbness. I'm probably over-reacting...?

Whatever. Night.


  1. Numbness is okay. Numbness is quite okay.

  2. Found you on Shelby's blog.
    Well, Saturday is over now.
    Maybe that will help you to feel better?
    I swear that holiday creates more problems than it soothes or mends.