February 11, 2009

Yet that's why they invented tape.

I am mended. Pieced back together, if you will. Both merely figures of speeches, but I hope they are fairly close to the truth anyway. Ha, wow, I didn't even mean due to my minor toe surgery today.

Random thoughts because I'm brain-dead at the moment and therefore cannot form more than a few sentences, much less a good entry:

I believe I aced my math quiz today. That would sweetawesome if I did. Still only raise my overall grade to a B, but then if I retook the test I flunked, I could have an A.

We're making Animal Farm valentines in English. Whoopdidoo. I don't know why I wrote that. Maybe I, as pathetic as I am, consider it news?

I will be painting in art come tomorrow. *smiles*
I shall go read then finish homework.

Quote of the day:
"What's goth kid listen to?"
--Our sub in math today referring to Zack while he was messing with his ipod.


  1. Zack Zack Bo Back Banana Fana Fo Fack Mi My Mo Mack ZACK!!!February 12, 2009 at 3:28 PM

    I didn't even hear the sub say that. What the hell's her problem? I'm not goth am I? lol...