February 19, 2009

You learn something new everyday.

I know now what it feels like to be demoted from good/best friend to merely a friend. I would say it stinks like rotten cabbage, but in this case, there's logic involved. It was more than probably the inevitable. I bet there's other truth behind this, which he need not divulge; we're friends now, nothing more. We can talk of the weather, but by golly if the weather is making me upset along with some other problem, I should take it up with a therapist. That again makes sense. It all makes sense. It all is quite fair. I can't muster up an arguement. (Not like I'm much good at that anyway)I'll just go with the flow...


  1. *virtually hugs*

    If it makes you feel any better, my word is "sesse", which is a joke by itself.

    Of course, you could not feel bad, but I'm assuming you are, so laugh to sesse or be DOOMED.

  2. *laugh at sesse

    Sorry, typo.

    Also: the word is now 'cyawkzs', which would make anyone laugh.

  3. Now it's nonete. You know, I should just stop looking at these.

  4. AHAHA IT'S STORE. A real word!!!! Amaaaaaazing!

    Blah, you're probably gonna think a whole bunch of people commented you, and you'll feel all better, then you'll see it's just me laughing at the word verfication, and feel worse. Argh.

    Now: laugh. Ha ha, glinsan.