March 11, 2009


Idiotic: I just put a toaster strudel into the toaster, except on ours there's a choice of settings based on what you're putting in there. Well, I managed to press the setting for 'bagel.' Thankfully there wasn't any notiable difference and it tasted fine.

Cowardly: I didn't have the nerve to kill this beetle which made a recent inhabitance inside my latest art project. I promptly shrieked and retreated back inside my safe home. I think I'm declaring my art project on hold, at least until I ship this first attempt to Madagasgar. Also on this topic, after total blegh yesterday my teacher/procter put on The Wizard of Oz. I didn't watch, though. Instead I played various boardgames, including Pictionary, [which, despite being a good drawer, FAIL at] with a new friend, Neha. Total blegh you remember is the dreaded FCAT. [Florida Comprehension Assesment Test, although a quick google could've told you that. No, seriously -- I did it myself...] We had about three hours after it's done left at school.

Longingly: I daydreamed about my future materialistically. I'm not big on shopping or spending lost of money to get expensive clothing or whatever. One trip to a pricy store with my dad and you'll learn fast that it's okay to look, but you very rarely ever purchase. My mom's the complete opposite, but still has a strong sense of what is necessary and what isn't. Regardless, I want either of these: , . Plus the calgary cell phone which I mentioned before and has yet to debut.

Testosterone: I think one likes me. He keeps messaging me on myspace and is now trying to flirt. When will he figure out I'm not interested? He's also kind of creepy. He does the same thing to Nikki and she's more of the kind of girl to rip your heart out and stomp on it. Another just broke up with girlfriend and has been oddly giving me more attention. I believe in his mind he's being subtle, but since I pick up on a lot of things, I've taken notice. The other is sweet and all. I just hope he understands I only like him as a friend. Maybe I'm going crazy, and in reality NONE of these guys like me. I wouldn't put it out of the question.

Good-natured: Last night Puja and I attended a book club meeting for City of Bones. There were two newcomers from a different high school than us. Hannah and Scott I think their names were. It was fun to hear what they had to say. The cookies were delicious. 13 days until the third book in the series!

I tried to be a little more organized with my thoughts this entry. I feel like I ramble to the point of it all becoming uncomprehsionable at times.

Well, perhaps I'll work on history paper. It is due Monday after all and I'm trying to keep up my good rep of not being a procastinator...this past week.


  1. i'm sure you'll do great on your total bleh. (:
    you may ramble sometimes, yes, but with admirable fervor. ^^

  2. Ha ha, you're cyberly here for me. Is cyberly a word? I think not. Thanks anyway.

    ...for real? For real what?

    Oh, the days were blissful when she wasn't around.

    Um, maybe...not really. Oh well, I guessed.

    Oh well, ha ha. Well, maybe not oh well, but you get the idea...
    OR DO YOU???

    essness: the state of being ess