March 13, 2009

Boys don't cry.

If you take up reading any of my older entries, the font will probably be scrunched together somewhat. I think there were some issues with it and now since you cannot edit it here, but rather in the overall customination. Not really my fault, but I apologize in advance nonetheless.

Today was pretty good by all standards. In aerobics we got a killer workout. So much of one that my legs were equivilent to the consistency of jell-o, and that was supposed to make up for the past four days of not doing anything. Our teacher doesn't understand the meaning of the word "brutality," or "torture."

I finished up my painting intensity chart today in art. I am certainly not the greatest painter there ever lived, but hey, at least I'm making strides towards improvement. I learn from my boo-boos, or if you don't speak baby, my mistakes. I'm very psyched for tomorrow because my turtles are being displayed at yet another art show! No lie! Apparently this is the biggest deal of them all so far and even back the mall, people had approached my teacher and asked how much I wanted for it. It's agreed I don't want to sell it, but maybe I could produce similar works and sell those. Hmm. Ideas, ideas.

Biology wasn't too thrilling. We're starting the unit on plant and human reproduction and thankfully no has been, I dunno, inappropriate. They seem to be mature and I'm impressed. The other day, I was leaving the classroom after putting my stuff down to get a drink of water and Will's right there. Awkward! Haha, yes and no. I'm quite sure he hardly even thinks of us as friends. Can't say I'm surprised.

History today was freakin' awesome. I felt so in touch with what was going on and was actively learning. Then the icing on the cake was getting our tests back. She, as in our teacher, discussed the grades a little right beforehand and said there was someone who had seriously nailed the last question and I figured it wasn't me. I couldn't even really remember what it was about. Well, turns out I was and my final score was a 105, with a curve, though. I don't broadcast my grades to broadcast my grades, I just feel so happy. I'm embracing life for as it is and part of it mainly is having luck, yet optimism and such is mostly everything else. Y'know? Haha.

Spanish; blah. We watched cartoons when were done with out work.

In English we did more things with "Animal Farm." Yes, I think it's fair to say I'm beginning to hate the book. Great news is there won't be a major test on it. A double-edged sword, in a way.

In math we celebrated Pi day by bringing in circular foods and solving problems dealing with Pi for extra credit. Mine invovled cheerios and I believe all got all 10 points. Woot, woot.

After school I went with my parents to this downtown village area where there's a really neat craft store to buy these "buggy pins" for my grandmother who's having radiation done. If you ever met my grammy you'd know she's crazy and lovable. She actually has this mannequin she uses to model the clothes and accessories she knits. Reminds me of the movie, Lars and the Real Girl, which if you haven't seen is amazing. It has Ryan Gosling in it, too. [He was the main guy in The Notebook.]

Most recently I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. As my mom said it was "cute and funny." Yep, that about sums it up.


  1. Hey, I hate Animal farm too.
    and I love Ryan Gosling.
    and I liked Nick and Norah's.
    And those are my statements, thank you for reading.

  2. wait... interest? in... history?
    okay okay, i suppose that's fairly admirable. history always bored me to death; maybe it was all the reading. perhaps if it were all in video form...? that's just terrible of me.
    my pi day in sixth grade consisted of pie. and it was good. yours was more creative, though. hahar.