March 08, 2009

Infinite beauty.

Yesterday I spent pracically the whole day at a Middle School Science Bowl competition with the team I coach. They got 3rd. Not bad if you ask me. Kind of a shame they hadn't managed to win, but oh well. I got to hang out with Nikki in the beginning part of it until her sister finished with this other science competition.

Swedish fish are addicting. Just thought you should know. Brownies, too.

I finished my stupid essay for Biology. Woot, woot! I thought that was going to hang over my head, and I'm eternally glad I kicked myself in the batooty to get it done. Erg, what else do I have. Probably a lot.

I need good books to read. Puja has been speeding through all these vampire tales and I take no interest in those. I already finished the sequel to City of Bones and of course the third book isn't released. Gotta wait till May.

Spring break for me is the first week of April. Splendid. I should get my act together and do some serious cleaning, even right now today.

This post seems utterly pointless. I apologize. I think I'll go immerse myself into the world of history and examine the causes of World War 1.


  1. Swedish fish are addicting! :)

    Congrats on biting the bullet and writing the essay.

  2. So, reading FCAT's today,
    How was it for you?
    I thought it was pretty easy. Our stupid biology and computers teachers (whom were the only teachers whose classes I went to today) actually made us do work after the FCAT. :/

    I haven't felt accomplished in forever...How sad.
    I'm still in a blah mood.

  3. That is one of my favorite lines from a song EVER.

    Yeah, argh. I'm so...mad.

    I have a friend like that...but I do hate her, so it doesn't really matter.

    Oops, did I say "friend"? I meant person-I-want-to-injure-badly-because-they're-so-damn-annoying.

    I'm not violent!

    Oh, I know about Zack. I read your Red blog, remember? By the way, in case you didn't know, Red blogs is closing.

    Sorry, I have to bring that up every two days.

    Sorry, I'm just guessing, but am I right?

    Ha ha, sense lately.

    Ealash: A famous slave who freed his people.