March 01, 2009


The reflection on the retention pond.

Today was pretty amazing. I got to spend time with my friend Regina at her house down the street during the late afternoon into the evening.. She is such a unique person, and I love her for that. She's strong, too. Been through a lot and come out for the better and smiling, I mean. We managed to piece together what had gone on in the others' lives the past few years, remarking on how crazy the world is. There's been some change, but we're still the same ol' kids back in elementary school, trying to fit in. How much high school alters ones perspective on life. Suddenly we miss the trivial problems of our younger childhoods and much have them rather in place with the drama, now. I wish I had classes with her this year, I really do. She also informed me that Will has a girlfriend. Bummer, yet not really. It was as figured.

I really want a cookie. But I already brushed my teeth for the night. Oh, the dilemmas.


  1. You know, the second just isn't exciting as the first. But now it's the third, so it doesn't matter!

    Try making it short and layered. Works for me every time ;)

    THEY DO. I love theme songs...

    Sorry, I forgot what we were talking about last.

    I really hope they don't, that's kinda sad.

    Thanks :) I actually wrote it after an argument with one of my closest friends (as opposed to out-of-the-blue, like I said). Then she wrote a poem on her blog, and it's about ten times better than mine.

    You might as well forget it, I'm not posting anything else :)

    Blothe...a new breed of albino...sloths?

  2. I have been tricked plenty of times by one of those "look closely" tricks. I'm a sucker for those.

    Thanks. I will work harder next time, but it is seriously hard to make a snowman.

    I really like your photo.

  3. ...It's the third. The first was Saturday. It's Monday.

    Ha ha, I say that because it seems every time I get my hair cut, I do that. It always looks completely different. I wish I could post a picture, but my parents would flip if they found out...

    Eek, that's bad. Holding stuff in tends to make you feel very...heavy (my extensive vocabulary and that's the only word I could come up with). At least, it does for me.

    You could tell me stuff, if you want. :)

    Not if I keep posting it! Geez, three already!

    Sounds Native American. Mine's realn. for an elf?

  4. Ha, actually I didn't have on gloves (or socks). You see I was in a rush to go out and then come back in that I just put on my jeans, rain boots, and kept my pj shirt on. I had on a big, puffy coat of course.

    My toes weren't cold but my hands were!

    Not much is new. I just finished a 6 page research paper that is due on Friday. Hurray!

    What's new with you?

  5. Hmm. I know what you mean. I try to tell my friends personal stuff but all I get in return are weird stares and shrugs. It's disheartening.

    I wonder what my friends really think of me. I wonder what kind of things they say behind my back or to their parents. Then again, it could be my paranoia that's talking.

    Then again I'm also going to keep anything and everything personal for my blog only.

    I have school tomorrow. :(