March 20, 2009

What's so funny?

I was bored. Plain and simple.

This morning Katie and I were getting ready to stretch after a walk in aerobics when there was a 'code black', meaning we [plus everyone else in the entire school] had to evacuate the premises immediately. We ended up on the soccer fields slightly off-campus, our class and a few other P.E. first periods still in their gym clothes. We stood out there for maybe an hour and a half. I was sufficiently bored after 10 minutes and our teacher was very wish-washy about letting us wander around to talk to other people from other classes. Bah. Apparently it's nothing new at the school, though. Joy.

We were supposed to have a freshmen class meeting to go over 10th grade registration during third period, but since that incident had stretched to the middle of third, it was post-poned until sixth. That was dandy until as people filing in, a catfight breaks out just half a dozen seats down the row from mwah. Other swarmed, chanted "fight!" and yelled. The displinary action was set into place pretty quickly and I don't know exactly who was involved. Needless to say they whoever they are were swiftly escorted out of the auditorium and the adults in charge tried to carry on like normal. During all this I came to a solid conclusion: My freshman classmake would make two-year-olds look mature. There are few who are okay, much to the relief of my utter sanity, but the majority need to be taught to have respect. Seriously.

On a lighter, better note, my oldest brother is home from college this weekend. His birthday is tomorrow! Who knows what he plans to do tonight when he's spending practically all day Saturday with his girlfriend.

I wish I didn't have a sore throat and managed to get a 60 something on my latest math quiz after having a good streak. Gosh dang it. Now I have to do very well on the test. The pressure I manage to put upon myself -- it's ruthless.

I think I'll start with doing my math homework from the latest section or two. I also should work on my out of class art project. Hmm.


  1. Ha ha, it's okay, all comments are good in my book.

    Don't worry, I don't have much to talk about either. My life revolves around facebook, you see.

    Definitely! Sooo many people lie about that at my school. It's ridiculous. I mean, is not having a boy/girlfriend really so bad?

  2. Oh, sad! I hate it when that happens. Friends are the best but it hurts the most when you lose them.

    Sorry my reply is split into two comments :)

    No, but I'll have to check it out next time I go to Barnes and Noble! Ha ha, thanks, I love finding new books.

    It's 3:46. I just got home from the big Saturday drama rehearsal!

    Ha ha.

    Fakers. That's already a word! Ha ha.

  3. I put so much pressure on myself and make such a big deal about everything, that now everything I do is a matter of consequence.

    Feel better. Sore throats suck.

  4. I got one when I heard Basil had one. God, I'm pathetic.

    Nor do I. That doesn't mean I don't wish I had one...

    Aw, well, thanks. Being wise and stuff is all cool with me.

    Brownies are good!

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! It's tres awesome.

    Shica! A breed of dog, of course. Not sure past that.

    This comment is on the shorter side.