April 05, 2009


I went outside to go workout and I was extra excited because I had added more songs to my ipod. I was initially concerned when I couldn't hear it playing when it was hooked up to the speakers, but the dolt I am hadn't turned it up loud enough. So there I am working out to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and instead of going on to the next song, it stops. I then realize it won't play any of the songs and won't show the cover art. I am throughly pissed. How the crap did this happen? It wasn't that hot outside. I was using the right adapter. I've used the outside outlet before. What. The. Heck.


EDIT: I still don't know what caused it, but I was able to successfully reset my ipod and it is functional now. Phew.


  1. ipods are treacherous. sometimes my nano would just freeze up all of a sudden; i couldn't even turn it off. i had to wait until the batteries died, lol. stupid thing.

  2. Yeah. Sorry. You were pretty much not even in the ballpark there. Haha, figurative ballpark.

    I should, shouldn't I?
    That would be the SMART thing to do.
    But I've never been very smart...socially.
    Am I rambling?

  3. Cool! 'Figurative ballpark' is my new favorite phrase.

    The problem is, I understand how it all works, I just fail at connecting with other people.

    Actually, I look at my computer on the side. It's fun to type like that. But I know what picture you mean.
    I lovelovelove Coldplay. But alas, my iTunes capital is loooooooooow.

    SO AM I! Cool. Go aboveness! Ha ha. And I'm sure it does.

    Aw, well, I tried :)


  4. Ya. Figurative...ballparks!

    It is? Okay...haha, it made no sense, that's for sure. But true...in my head, where I can understand it. What?

    Really???? No, but haha.

    I'm really more of an iTunes person...so no. But I lovelovelove them, as I said.


    I don't! Mwa ha ha. Happy spring break!

    Bibud, meh mimud. HEE HEE HEE.