April 08, 2009


My room is in much disarray. I think I talked about cleaning and reorganizing it over Spring Break in an entry a couple months back. Well, I'm in the midst of the huge undertaking now. I managed to move my bed into the desired spot, but there's a whole bunch of clothes and such to sort through. Blah.

I went on a few webstores [i.e. Charlotte Russe, pacsun] just to browse for fun. I came across these uber cute sunglasses. I want them. Problem: I need the cash to buy 'em. Solution: I'm babysitting Friday and I might start looking for places to sell photographs. Might. It's harder when you can't drive yourself. That happens to remind me of the fact that they're changing the legal driving age to 17 instead of 16 in the state of Florida. Do you know what this means? I can't get my actual licence [not just learner's permit] until I'm a senior. Eh, I probably wouldn't have a car to drive regardless.

I saw this walking home from the bus and decided it was picture-worthy.

Time to work on history notes and eat ice cream. Then perhaps my brother, mom and I will resume our game of Monopoly: World Edition.


  1. Ahhh Monopoly, :)

    They might be changing the legal driving age from seventeen to eighteen here in England. Urgh.

    I hate sorting through clothes. It's the most tedious task. I have three sacks of them that I need to decide whether to keep or not, *yawn*

  2. Haha, well, thank you. I'm not THAT ugly...haha. I like yours more :)

    I just painted Easter eggs :) Gotta love them eggs. I sure do.

    I think I shall, once I blog, which will be after this comment concludes.

  3. You're welcome! And thanks. That's what they tell me.

    Haha, I still have blue and green underneath my nails. And green above my nails, cuz I just got green nail polish yesterday...

    "Technically speaking, your butt's your best feature." = My third favorite phrase, said by me.
    Don't ask.


    I. Hate. Cleaning. Too. Icaluode!

  4. lovely photograph. thanks for your comments as well, darling. (:

  5. You don't?????
    Haha, I usually don't have time, but I have a TON of nail polish. I just love having it. I got blue polish too...it's awesome. :)

    Haha, I'm going to explain anyway: my mom and dad met in England, where they were waiting in line for something, and my dad was staring at my mom's butt, which she, with her sixth sense, noticed, so she turned around and LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.
    So I told her that.
    I'm a hoot, no?

    Oooooh, fun, cake rocks.
    Fourth favorite phrase. I should write this stuff down.

    Outinte. LOL. Um...a inte thats out?