April 22, 2009


I keep trying to post and then something manages to get in the way. Typical, no?

This past Saturday there was a Sunsational Earthfest being held nearby which the team of science bowlers that I coach incidentially attended. They were there to participate in a hands-on hydrogen fuel cell car race. Not the solar car at the SUNsational Earthfest. Go figure.

In celebration of Earth Day I wanted to post some nature photos I have taken in my backyard. Neither too spectacular.

I dislike C's. The odd one, just a 70, has kept my B in math from being an A. Then for whatever reason had gotten 76s on the last two tests in Spanish. Ugh.

My brother is being forced to sift through college mail at the moment. I pity him, kinda. There's really not much to say. Oh, wait.

In aerobics today we were in the gym and our teacher made us do something rather than sit on our lazy bums. Katie and I played volleyball with a few other girls. We hit fairly well, but one soared into the pushed in, stacked up bleachers. I bravely volunteered to climb up and retrieve it. I didn't have a problem coming up. Coming down? Tricky. I managed to slide halfway down and I'm sure if I strained my arm while doing that. As freaky and perhaps unbelievable as this is, but the same arm just started throbbing. Ouch. Regardless, it happened two more times and this guy got up there for us. Seconds before we were told to go change it got stuck yet again and I made effort to get it. I was about ready to try what I had done before, the method that hurt, when the guy asked if wanted help. Feebly, I said yes. He then put his arms out in a circle around where my body would be, and fell into them. It felt was something from the movies. And I bet you I was blushing. As I told my friend, he wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but when he was considerate enough to do that, it doesn't matter one bit. :D

P.S. That was the first semi-hug I have gotten from a guy [outside my family] in a few months.


  1. yay. hugs are nice. funny how such a small gesture can mean so much.

  2. My hug streak (a real one with intentons): 23 weeks 5 days

  3. Okey dokes!!!!!!!!!

    OH YUM. I recently went over Vera's house and had CAKE. It was her birthday :)

    I love it too! It's on my iPod, though it is currently gathering technological dust. I can't listen to it, because I want to listen to the entire contents of my iPod on shuffle and if I actually pick out a song it will reset...I'm on 123 out of 288 :D

    What'd he do??? What happened?? Why are you imagining doing violent things to an innocent CD??

    Sorry I (the 'I' is supposed to be capitalized...grr) took so long to comment back, Mother Dearest has banished me from the computer. I'm not supposed to be on. Haha.