April 01, 2009

I'm waiting for the breakdown.

New title layout thingymabobber. You like?

Review of my day since I have no other creative way to express my thoughts at this moment but I am going to do what it takes to avoid homework:

We took a walk first period that became shortened when the sidewalk was closed and the grass muddy. Katie and I threw a ball back and forth in a corner of the gym for the rest of time. We accidently had the ball roll towards this one girl sitting and she pegged it farther away. Uh, thanks? Don't know what he problem was. It wasn't like we did it intentionally, or hit in the face.

I'm painting my tiger lily in art. It's turning out alright, I suppose. I'm experimenting with water-colored pencils. I think I'm going to use them on my out of class project. I'll be sure to post a picture of that when it's finished.

My team had fallen behind in the review game during Biology thanks to *ahem* Garett *ahem* and his thinking that testosterone couldn't possibly be made in the testes. I was so tired I didn't wack him upside the head and the time didn't permit us to even change it. Puja and Aniesa won. Swanny, Puja, Aniesa and I stayed in there to review more/ask questions with the teacher during our lunch.
Then we went and sat outside for ten minutes or so and they were selling school newspapers. I just about DIED when this cute guy asked if wanted to buy one. Afterwards I wondered if they rest of the staff sent him out specifically because he is so gosh darn cute. And probably taken. Darn tootin'.

History was not that much fun, same with Spanish. We watched the old cartoon version of Animal Farm in English. Yay? Then just reviewed in math. I had a gifted meeting during reading period. We played the board game stratego and had to forfeit due to time. Whatever, I would've annihilated Puja anyway.


  1. haha oh man, i know what you mean about the cute salesperson thing. i was at the mall with my mom and you know how they have those stands sometimes with a single person working at them? well this one was a high-end skincare stand watched by this ridiculously gorgeous french guy. yes, he had the accent and everything. we stopped to take a look and he wanted to demonstrate a facial product on the underside of the forearm, where the skin is similar to the face, and he was actually softly rubbing (or caressing...? oohh...) the product into the skin. ohhh my GOD. lol.


    Haha, know I DO have something to blog about, but I wish I didn't. Bah. I can't read my entry again or I'll go into breakdown mode, which is never good after you've just ate.

    HOLY CRAP! That's as many people as are in my school!

    That was the intention, but sadly, it's true. *blushes in shame*

    I SAW THE HOTTEST GUY IN APPLEBEE'S LAST NIGHT! He looked like he might be in eight or ninth grade, though. Bah. He looked at me :)

    RHYMING! Yay.

    Mervies! This word is so adorable. Like, a mix of gremlins before they turn psycho and movies for little kids. Awww!