April 28, 2009


There are only 20 or so more days of school left and I don't think I can convey accurately the absolutely insanely gross amount of anticipation I am experiencing as of now. School irks me towards the end of the year. I get paranoid I'm going to fail all my classes. I question my aptitude. In lamemans terms, I have low self-esteem. I used to be able to deal with it. This year, not so much. Perhaps high school is bigger, scarier, or whatever and, though indirectly, the pressures on my brother, a junior, is getting to me, too. What if I'm not college material? What if, what if, what it?

Anyway, enough of that crapola. My oldest brother is coming home from college for his summer vacation on Friday. He has a study abroad class in South Africa starting the beginning of May though, so you can imagine he won't be here more than a week. I'll miss him. Why? 'Cause I already do.

The Mentalist is going to be on nine minutes. I better hurry this along.

Have you ever noticed how it's very hard to delay a decision and end up with both? It never works out, does it? You'll always have to toughen up and make the choice, any pain and suffering aside. Humanity is cruel.

Sorry if this feels slightly scatter-brained.

I'm going on a field trip Thursday to another high school with my awesome friends to dicuss books and eat pizza. I'm happy, as clearly indicated by this --> :]

I've been having dreams lately where I will be on the phone and then walk away, do something outrageous, come back and resume conversation. What on earth?

Good night, all.


  1. I have just 8 days of school left, but I am not looking forward to it. The end of school emans the start of exams.

    Everyone has crazy dreas - I'm sure there's a bunch of other stuff that happened in your dream to pad out the random conversation and it all made sense in a sleeping brain. Maybe... :D

  2. We have thirty-five days left until the final exams. And we still have homework. Mountains of homework. Like the Everest.
    It is insane.

  3. At the end of the school year, the teachers give homework up the ying and yang. Then I have some cram sessions that last well into the AM. Then exams/mid-terms/finals. D: Luckily all this will be over in less than a month!

    My brother wants to study abroad in South Korea for his second semester of his first year in college, and he did an exchange program to Germany his junior year of High School. But that's good you get to see your brother over the summer.

    The Mentalist, Simon Baker is one of best looking older men, along with Anderson Cooper. XD

    Have a nice week! XD

  4. half portraits always seem to turn out the best somehow, wouldn't you say?
    good luck with the end of your year, sweetheart. i'm sure you'll do fine, what with all your A's in everything. (: remember to breathe.