April 17, 2009


I originally intended to try "live-blogging" my adventure as being a bum on the couch and watching that new Spongebob movie starring Johnny Depp. Rather my mom, dad and I watched four episodes of Cheers on DVD, which are always enjoyable. We're on season four. Gotta love Woody. If you've never seen it, I highly advise you do so somehow, sometime.

I've given up on The Fountainhead. Besides, my brother needs it for his English class. I've since read The Perks of Being a Wallflower and it was okay; not my favorite book in the world. I haven't been able to check out City of Glass from the library. Point is, I am book-less and once I shake off this drowsiness, I'd like to have something to read. Any suggestions?

There was a cake contest held at school this past Thursday. my English teacher gave us 20 points extra credit points if we entered, so I said, "what the heck." Worst decision ever. [Perhaps that's exaggerating, but still.] I worked really hard to make it the best I could, though I'm no professional cake baker and/or decorator. Here's a picture, you can be the judge:

It had to deal with a book or the theme: "Worlds Connect @ Your Library" and I incorporated the worlds from one of my favorite series, Pendragon, by D.J. MacHale. I got honorable mention and therefore I won a $10 visa gift card, which loses its value by $3 if you don't use it relatively soon. Sneaky.

I had three tests today. I hope I did well on each. I'm really not sure at this point. Goo. Rah. That's how I feel about it. Plus having to dedicate my Saturday to volunteering with science. Although I don't mind doing it, I'd just much prefer sleeping in. You know how that goes.

, for myself to be the Vice President of the Sophomore class next year, but this other kid, Taylor, beat me. It's really no big deal. I'm well aware he tore down my posters and bribed his friends with buying lunch and whatnot for them. If that's what the majority of the people want to have representing them, okay, they can have it. I've come to accept how despicable my classmate, are. I learned pretty quickly and thus tried to move along common ground with sophomores, but have since been, arguably strategically, pushed out of their "circle" -- so to speak --, too. Now I'm a little lost about where I fit in. Eh, let's face it, I don't. Period. End of sentence. No sense worrying or speculating. Life will turn out fine enough. There's more I've yet to experience. Etc., etc.

I feel I've blathered on enough. Good night, all.

Remember: book suggestions are appreciated. :]


  1. I love your cake!
    There's something much more interesting about a colourful icing monstosity than a boring regular cake.

  2. You should read the Pigman by Paul Zindel; his books are really good!

    It was actually a new SpongeBob episode rather than movie. I was expecting much more than a 30 min episode, but it was still funny and enjoyable!

  3. *shudder* Euah...gazelles. *is not sure what sound 'euah' makes*

    Yup, it certainly was fun! I never got around to finishing my French homework, or hanging out with Vera, both of which I planned to acclompish, but oh well. Next week, mayhaps?

    Me too, but I have nothing to shop for :( I've been shopping every day this weekend (Friday-mall, Saturday-Kohls and Target, Sundat-mall) and I never found anything I liked except for a dress and earrings for the Bat Mitzvahs, plus I'm all shopped out.

    Yummy! What kind of cake?

    SO DO I. The old dude looks funny.

    Clatedge-oh, the possibilities. A tool used in colonial times to safely transport butter from your window to the street. Perfect!

  4. I didn't really have a group in high school either. I was with the three other "in" people for a couple of months but didn't really enjoy the talk of just boys, blah blah blah, so I just sat off in a corner during lunch and read novels. I was awesome. lol.