May 29, 2009


Today is the first day of summer vacation for me. It is already 4:00 in the afternoon and after having woken up at 11:00 has failed to accomplish very much. I have plenty of cleaning and organzing to do, as well as studying for the last four Cambridge exams. Bummer.

I guess it's okay though. I spent from five to ten last night partying it up with Nikki, Puja, Aniesa and Swanny. Oh, and Joy was there, too. I recognized this one kid as he stood in line for this gigantic inflatable water slide and asked if he knew who I was. [Probably made it really awkward, I know.]
When he said, "you're from my elementary school" he was right, but it felt like such an understatement. Had that much changed? Could he have truly forgotten that we had spent three whole years in the same class and were, in some twisted way, friends? I even have his picture on my dresser mirror for Crissake! I felt rejected, and upon walking into one of activity rooms I swore he pointed at my face and said something I didn't catch. An insult? I don't even know.

Regardless of that situation, I had a pretty awesome time. I don't think I was ever truly dry and I have brusies and scratches from racing through obstacle courses and participating in this intense tug-of-war. Besides, I got to see and hang out with my best friend whom I hadn't seen a month or two. That's always a plus.

I haven't stopped my Photography Passion Week. Tell me what you think!




May 26, 2009

Photography Passion Week

is a week designed by yours truly and my awesome friend, Kai, to prove to my mom I am serious about photography so that I can the really good camera I wanted. It's not a light matter because it does cost so much and money is tight.

Yeah, you guessed it. I will be taking photos everyday this week and posting them on here. I started this yesterday and will go through this upcoming Sunday. Who knows, maybe I'll continue on throughout the summer.

Only two more days of school left. I think I am going to the end-of-the-school-year party after all, and I hope I pass the Spanish exam tomorrow because I really do not feel like studying. My oldest brother posted a puzzling facebook status and Will, the guy I kinda sorta like/liked, kinda sorta held my hand kinda sorta longer than intended. At least I intended. Got an 85 on the exam in English, but my average for the semester is a dandy 96. I'm running out of things to say other than I hope you like my pictures, I'll comment people back as soon as I can, and I had quesadillas for dinner.

Okay, I just liked this one. It's a really nice photo, probably one of the best with the camera I have now, and I took it by accident. [Hence the grimace.]



May 15, 2009

Yeah, I saw sparks.

I don't quite know what consitutes a living hell. I want to say I've been through one, but no, probably not. I've just felt hopeless and baffled enough to have. I can't exactly pin-point what put me over the edge. Hipocracy, perhaps?

I found myself being talked about in whispers during aerobics. I marched right up to the people and said, "I know you think it's kind to talk about people, but it's not." They claimed they couldn't hear me the first time I said it and I stood there, unable to muster up enough courage to say it again. Then they came clean and told me my gym shorts were on backwords. I almost cried. Why they didn't mention it to me to begin with, I have no clue. Why they even had to say anything to their friend, I have no clue. The fact that they were laughing, at my expense, pisses me off. I've suffered a lot of open humilation for no reason. Did I do something in my past life?

Blasted AIM, preventing me and Nikki talking. I'd happily call her up except she lost her voice. I can't believe it's already 10:00. [P.M., that is.] My brother is reading the latest, not to mention final, book in the Pendragon series first. I suppose that's fair; he does read faster.

I need a hug.

*song credit: "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead"--Stars.
Like? Dislike?

Oh, and I've made this much progress today.