May 20, 2009

I know you're an artist.

My group had to present our history project today in class. It counted as our final exam grade and all of us were sweating bullets. I almost started laughing, when after we concluded, and the teacher made comment of us "having practiced a lot." Uh, psh, no. We didn't practice at all! Which makes me wonder what we would've gotten had we actually. I'm guesstimating we made a low A on the whole project, though today was technically a seperate portion of it. It truly doesn't make or break me.

I calculated I need an 82 on my regular math exam this Friday to pass with an A for the semester. Not too difficult, I reason. Especially if you take in to account having done much better on tests to begin with. There's a Pre-AICE English Writing exam this upcoming Friday, too. We have to write an essay, doing our best to guess what they'll award marcs for. It should be a breeze; I can write well enough.

Only five more days of school for me and three out of those five are purely exam days and we get out early. Woot, woot!

My turtles' drawing is locked in a display case down at the school board building. I suppose that's okay, so long as I get them back eventually. Preferably before I graduate high school. Ha-ha. But it's fine. Now even more can admire. I feel incredibly accomplished. After all, that was my first drawing, shading and everything.

In other art news, I had finished my flower painting a while ago, though my teacher just now finished putting a matte on it for me. Again, this is my first ever painting.

I'd love to show a picture of it, but I'm hesitant about copyrights and the like. It's not THAT good, but you never know. I apologize.


  1. i was about to say, 'personally, first semester calculus was a lot easier for me than algebra2/trig' (because algebra2/trig was hell!) but if you don't like math then don't take it. i'm just giving you a heads up of my personal beliefs. (: (it's not that bad!) lol.

  2. Congratulations on your painting.

  3. Hi!
    None of your comment really made any sense to me at all. :( Sorry!
    In England GCSEs are the General Certificate of Secondary Education. You take them when you are 16, just after you leave compulsory school. Then you can do 2 years until you're 18 at a college or "sixth form (more like a strict school than a relaxed college)" to get A levels and uni is aprox 4 years after that.
    So it sounds pretty similar to these AICE things you're talking about! :P
    From what I've learnt from the Sims 2 and Friends (i.e. not a lot) America high school goes freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, then you leave and go to uni which in turn goes freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. As you can tell I am very knowledgable on the matter (not).
    Congrats about the turtle pictures btw! I'm sure you'll get them back, especially if you complain to the right people after you leave!

  4. Why thank you :)

    Pssht, lame and short are my middle name...s! Strawberry LameAndShort Shortcake. Beast, no?

    Ewies. Cleaning. Well, I have a bunch of school work to do that I'm putting off, so you're not the only one.

    Haha, it's 'Goodnight, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight till it is morrow.'
    A tout a l'heure is see you later, I believe.

    nomateda- a nomad princess in the hills of Africa; the name of the Norsh goddess of travel

  5. I really don't understand the American education system, but good luck with everything - all your exams :)

    Put the drawing up, I'm sure it's wonderful :D