May 10, 2009


I feel like the only time I'm really living is in my dreams. Everything else is fake. Pointless. I wish I could go off and have adventures without worry about sustaining any injuries. If I had my passport, unlimited money and my way, I'd be in Scotland right now. Alas, none of that is under my personal control. I find it as equally fascinating as frustrating how little one person can change society or even their own life. There will always be opposition and that "ripple effect", won't there?

I wonder the sights my brother is taking in while in South Africa. Has it altered his world view? He's been overseas before to England and France on a school trip. And he traveled to Mexico not last but the summer before. All this talk makes me want to go to California again. There or Chicago, Seattle or heck, New Hampshire to see my grandparents. My other brother leaves for Michigan at the end of the month. Hope he has a good time.

I watched Mamma Mia! with my mom last night mainly because Tina Fey mentioned it on 30 Rock. We agreed to never see again to avoid the torture that is Pierce Brosnon singing. I also couldn't get over the fact that he's put on a little more weight since his Remington Steele days. Yes, you're right, it has been several years. I still respect him as an actor, no doubt. Haha.

Hopewell, New Jersey, summer of 2008.


  1. I went to Norway when I was 11, and it sort of did change my worldview. In a rather small way, I simply just noticed that these places don't fall under your typical television stereotypes. They have cultures of their own, yes, but they're not completely different from us, either. America is such an arrogant country.

  2. =O wee lassie has set her sights for scootland eh?

    Im from new jersey...jersey city actually, so i guess that doesnt count...