May 26, 2009

Photography Passion Week

is a week designed by yours truly and my awesome friend, Kai, to prove to my mom I am serious about photography so that I can the really good camera I wanted. It's not a light matter because it does cost so much and money is tight.

Yeah, you guessed it. I will be taking photos everyday this week and posting them on here. I started this yesterday and will go through this upcoming Sunday. Who knows, maybe I'll continue on throughout the summer.

Only two more days of school left. I think I am going to the end-of-the-school-year party after all, and I hope I pass the Spanish exam tomorrow because I really do not feel like studying. My oldest brother posted a puzzling facebook status and Will, the guy I kinda sorta like/liked, kinda sorta held my hand kinda sorta longer than intended. At least I intended. Got an 85 on the exam in English, but my average for the semester is a dandy 96. I'm running out of things to say other than I hope you like my pictures, I'll comment people back as soon as I can, and I had quesadillas for dinner.

Okay, I just liked this one. It's a really nice photo, probably one of the best with the camera I have now, and I took it by accident. [Hence the grimace.]




  1. I LOVE the last photo, it's absolutely gorgeous. I also love that saying, it was my desktop background for ages :)

    I do hope you continue throughout the summer. I love looking at other peoples' photography!

  2. I think the star one is brilliant