May 24, 2009


Oooh, my hair feels so soft. Haha, I was just playing with bangs as if they were the hair on a troll. No idea what I'm talking about? Here's a picture/visual aid.
Yeah, kinda like that, except my hairs brown, of course. [But that lime green is pretty awesome! ^o^]

To spare any long, drawn-out story, I met this cute guy at Target last night. All we did was talk about ipod nano accessories, with my mom there, but I felt like he thought I was a complete skeptic and it didn't go well. Eh, he probably has a girlfriend and no interest in me, whatsoever. As my dad says, "no harm, no foul."

I think I'm going to attend this end of the school year party at Swanny/Aniesa's church. It's absolutely free and sounds like a lot fun. That day's already pretty hectic for me, though. I have to go to dentist right after school to get a filling. I do not like my new hygienist. She tried to make too much small talk last time I went, while, oh yeah, she was working on my teeth. I wasn't in the easiest position to be coherent!

Regardless, I tried to get Nikki to come to the party, yet she informed me of two things today that will alter the liklihood. One, she is sick. I feel even worse than I normally would because I had finally gotten over my dreadful fever and second, she might be getting a perm and there's a guarantee we'd get wet, plus it might rain. Oh well, maybe I just won't go.

I have an interest in going outside and taking pictures. I have the day off from school tomorrow because it's Memorial Dae here in the US, so maybe I'll do that then. I haven't gotten the Nikon P90 like my mom and I discussed well over two months ago, now. I suppose I'll keep playing this waiting game and in meantime earn a decent amount of money babysitting. That's my plan.

Now I really want to steal my mom's Paul Simon CD and maybe find other good songs to listen to on repeat.

P.S. I decided to post my painting.


  1. The painting is lovely :) I can't paint, and have always admired those who can. The different shades are perfect.

    Paul Simon is my happy music.

  2. I love the painting! When it comes to drawing, painting, or whatever else...I have no talent whatsoever. It's almost comical.

    Hahaha I used to be terrified of those troll things. They just seemed so...creepy :S