May 15, 2009

Yeah, I saw sparks.

I don't quite know what consitutes a living hell. I want to say I've been through one, but no, probably not. I've just felt hopeless and baffled enough to have. I can't exactly pin-point what put me over the edge. Hipocracy, perhaps?

I found myself being talked about in whispers during aerobics. I marched right up to the people and said, "I know you think it's kind to talk about people, but it's not." They claimed they couldn't hear me the first time I said it and I stood there, unable to muster up enough courage to say it again. Then they came clean and told me my gym shorts were on backwords. I almost cried. Why they didn't mention it to me to begin with, I have no clue. Why they even had to say anything to their friend, I have no clue. The fact that they were laughing, at my expense, pisses me off. I've suffered a lot of open humilation for no reason. Did I do something in my past life?

Blasted AIM, preventing me and Nikki talking. I'd happily call her up except she lost her voice. I can't believe it's already 10:00. [P.M., that is.] My brother is reading the latest, not to mention final, book in the Pendragon series first. I suppose that's fair; he does read faster.

I need a hug.

*song credit: "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead"--Stars.
Like? Dislike?

Oh, and I've made this much progress today.


  1. *hugs*

    Be happy! I've been personally humiliated so many times it hardly bothers me anymore. Well, it still bothers me, what am I saying? But it stopped meaning as much. Depending on the situation.

    I'm not helping much, am I?

    Maybe this'll cheer you up: It's my new favorite song!!! The lead singer guy is sooooo my dream dude. Haha, and I love OK Go.

  2. *hugs for as long as you need it but not long enough to start feeling awkward*
    drawing's looking good! awesome job! :D

  3. you dont have to ask for a hug on May 15th! May 15th is free hug day!!!

    *retroactive awkward hug*