June 24, 2009


I went and saw a local midnight showing of Transformers 2 with Nikki, Dani and their dad yesterday. [Wait, this morning? Ack, same thing.] It was pretty awesome and as Nikki says, better than the first. Just so you know, Nikki has probably seen the first movie about twenty to thirty times; at least somewhere within that range. She isn't obsessed per se, merely hyper excited and intrigued by it. Her postive and happy energy is what made it more fun than it might've been and her laugh makes me laugh.

My only major issue with it was the length. Personally, I could've done without the third and fourth scenes of ten-minute intense action. And some of the humor got old. I still think it was worth my money, though. Besides, it was a chance to hang/catch up with my best friend. Why would I pass up on that?

I have a long list of movies I want to see, now. Most aren't in theaters nor out on DVD, in theaters or still a upcoming movie.

I read the book Generation Dead by Daniel Waters and was only slightly impressed. I chose it primarily because it is part of a list of teen read books that the book club I'm in uses to discuss. I read it less than six hours and that makes sense; it was only 300 pages or so. Would I read it again? No, not that good. Annoyingly enough there is a sequel and I have yet to investigate whether or not it is released already.

Upon retrospection, I realize I was half blind when I set up this shot. I am nearsighted so usually at night when I read or whatever I have my glasses off and contacts out. I can see only three feet in front of me, no further. If I were to remove my glasses right now I wouldn't be able to see what I was typing, so, actually I am baffled how I pulled this off.


  1. I have pretty bad vision, too! Sense my supply of contacts ran out a year ago (and I was too lazy to tell my parents I needed more), I have worn glasses everyday. I want to have laser eye surgery, but my mom is scared I might completely screw my eye sight. At the moment, it's only slightly screwed.

  2. Yeah I agree, the action got hard to watch...kind of because I couldn't tell which robot was on which side. I think it was...a little less personal too. Shia was just kind of there and always rnning about, there wasn't the same emotions. But I wanna watch it again to see if it's better the second time.

    And thanks for making me feel better about Degrassi haha. I'm very concerned about my addiction.

  3. My friends we trying to get me to see T2 but I haven't even seen the first one so I didn't want to be lost.

    I am so blind too! Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have good vision. I dream about it. 20/20 dreams.

    Oh and lol at Scarlett. I am stuck in the same boat! I ran out of contacts and have been too lazy to get new ones so I have been wearing my glasses for months. Its weird because I have always been a contact wearer and now I'm always in glasses.