June 27, 2009

Not exactly a soup question, now is it?

My brother and I went outside to throw a boomerang today. He tried to convince me that the reason it works in its country/continent of origin, Australia, is because there is no wind in Australia. I don't like arguing, especially in this case where I was sure I was right, wind does exist there. Don't know why my brother tried to pull a fast one on me, yet that's what brothers do, is it not? I've definitely done my fair share of bothering and trying to trick him, and therefore am in no position to be mad, really.

I watched two movies in the past 24 hours: Finding Forrester and First Knight, both starring the very Scottish, Sean Connery. His most famous role has probably been the original James Bond and his name might be slightly familiar since my last entry featured a picture of me reading a biography about him. He is a really interesting person, I think. The two movies were also brilliantly put together, the former was directed by Gus Van Zandt, who also directed Good Will Hunting, a fantastic movie with Matt Damon. [Which I'd like to see again.]

I got a haircut yesterday. It is pretty close to what I got done last November, except I kept the length. I'm debating whether I want to go shorter before too long.


  1. Good Will Hunting...hmm. TNT is always airing it, but I never give it a shot because it's rated R, and rated R films irk me with their "strong sexual content" and "nudity" and "strong pervasive language." So before I see a rated R film I check to see why exactly it is given that rating. If it's because of "strong language" then I don't mind.

    I like family oriented movies and not movies that I would have to see at midnight when everyone is sleeping in fear that I'd be caught watching some dirty movie. I think sex is not need to sell a GOOD movie.

    I love new haircuts! You feel all new and make all new goals for yourself of how you're going to be more self confident and stuff.

    Brothers sound like fun to have. I would love to have one, an older brother.

  2. the only film i've seen sean connery in that was not james bond was "murder on the orient express," which was very true to the book (if you've read the book).
    lovely blog - just discovered it!


  3. Awww :( that sucks. It's just I don't hang out with Nat a lot...and I haven't been to the mall in forever...oh well, maybe later?

    EEEEK WHAT'S IT CALLED??? Is it called tuases?

  4. Oh the joy of siblings. Although that boomerang trick is quite sly ; )

    I haven't seen either of those films but I guess I should give S. Connery a chance outside of the James Bond realm.

    First off, I love you sunglasses. Try shaking your head really fast and seeing if they turn grey. Or don't...that would probably induce a major headache.

    Your hair is quite luxurious and long. I cut my hair really short at the beginning of the year and I loved it. I'm growing it out again though because I am addicted to changing it.

  5. ♥ your sunglasses and haircut!

  6. Ahh! I have to find it!

    RIP Billy Mays :(

  7. It's horrible. He was, like, an icon of American culture...RIP.
    What's with all this death? Why are icons of our society dying? I hope so too. There must be.

    But what?

    Haha, I already found your blog (and read all the entries), but thanks. By the way, check out my Xanga, I'm quite proud of my Summer Playlist entry.


  8. You are quite welcome! Yeah, we have two in malls near where I am. I really like that store!
    I'm glad your following, and I'm following you, also in a totally non-creeper way haha.

  9. Ahhh, I love, love, love your sunglasses!

    PS Thank you for the nice comment! :)

  10. My sister brought me back a peace sign bracelet from her vacation and I almost crapped my pants I was so shocked with irony :D

    I'm getting my haircut soon, too!

  11. Cute sunnies!!!

    Re your comment: Thanks! My camera is a Canon Rebel XS.