June 02, 2009

Open up my eager eyes 'cause I'm Mr. Brightside.

I feel like such a novice photographer compared to all these others I'm finding with blogs on here. Perhaps when I actually get a nice digital camera, even though it will be for the family, maybe I'll have better photos? I'm assuming they have SLRs, and that's probably what makes the quality different...



Just for kicks:


  1. Lovely. And the "just for kicks" photo is my favorite.

  2. Hey!
    You have yet to make a xanga.
    And you should.
    So that Marisa can have more friends and so that we can still talk and stuff.

    go go go go go go.

    please and spank you.


  3. haha my dad just bought a peace sign ring too. yay.
    and getting a better camera for me made all the differnce in the world. i realize that i still don't have a really great camera though because my super macro photos sometimes come out more grainy than i'd prefer and i figure it's probably something to do with the camera/lens quality. sad. anyway, just as long as you know how to use the camera you get, you should do awesomely because you have an eye for the aesthetics. (: