June 20, 2009


Basically, this was the result of an okay photo I was determined to make better through editing. The first I just altered the contrast to be ultra high and added the peace sign and "pacifist," For the second, I added a "photographic effect" of a green tint with photoshop and then lastly, a "negative layer."

Oh man. There are oodles of things to learn when it comes to photography. It excites me to know this is only the beginning. I think I'm clever. Pacifist.

I haven't felt so great. Perhaps the weather is bogging me down. I haven't done much on the productive side lately, nor stepped out of my house much. Okay, not trying to sound like a nutcase or Emily Dickenson for that.

I did, however, recently purchase a handy mini-tripod with bendable legs. Now I don't have to tape my camera to posterboard and hope for the best. I made a video of continuing to draw my brother. I find it quite sad to think I haven't finished it yet. I'll try to aim to have it done before the end of June. If you're interested, you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDCIc6A1Yh8 It isn't very long at all.



  1. I love experimenting with photography. I also love the peace sign. It's everywhere in my room. On walls, on necklaces, on t-shirts.

    Hope you feel better soon. When the weather's abit soggy it tends to lower my mood too.


  2. Oh, I like your new header! Crayon bits/shavings? :D

    I, a peaceful person, hate peace signs. Why? They are on every bag, shirt, earring, necklace, headband, tattooed wrist, and next perhaps fists; nevertheless, i love your photo.

  3. I'm also not the biggest fan of the peace sign fad. So cliche.

    JEALOUS of the tripod.

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  5. [sorry, I deleted my comment by accident, which explains the "post has been deleted by author."]

    HA, I still see PDA in my school hallways. Girl-kissing-girl against wall PDA. The teachers are too embarrassed to say anything; they look the other way. It's touchy: gay/lesbian relationships. The teachers aren't sure how to react, I believe.

    Yes, Scarlett's the name! :) Ah, I remember my blog: "Whoah.That was like a Jedi Moment." I miss it; I haven't been able to log on to AOL Red. Have you been able to? Yes, it does seem like yesterday. I find it so funny how we just migrated from Red to Blogger. What's next? Xanga.

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog : ) Yours is very creative. I love your blog header especially. I am also a big photoshop head. If I'm ever at a loss for something to do I'm think "oh, I'll just go photoshop whatever photos I have on my computer for fun." Maybe I am just a nerd?

    Photography is so complex. I find it funny when people think that taking a photography class is going to be an easy A.

    I know what you mean about weather getting you down. The humidity here is oppresing.

    Sometimes we all need a moment to be a bit Emily Dickinson-esque. Just don't turn it into a lifestlye ; )

  7. cool. I myself am a photoshop failure. Despite the fact both of my parents are computer programmers i pretty much fail at all things tech related. The other day i opened up photoshop and promptly closed it as it was far too terrifying. However i am pro at using the editing tools on photogallery...