July 05, 2009

Dinosaurs say "RAWR!"

My fourth of July was hardly special. As I tried to doze into dreamland last night a little after midnight, some teenagers across the street decided to launch really loud fireworks. No, they are not the most considerate folk. One of my brothers and mom went to a local park for a picnic briefly at lunch time and returned with genuine American cuisine: hotdogs, hamburgers and potato chips. Unlike years past, there was no enthusiam to travel to another park to see fireworks later so we flat-out didn't. My life and life generally will go on.

I made this for my friend Kai. I asked her if she had an idea for a drawing I could do for her. She's infatuated with dinosaurs, thus obviously picked that and specified it should be saying "rawr" and taking a bite out of her name. [The latter I didn't execute as well as I wanted, but oh well.] Then I was inspired to split the whole picture into fourths, making each a postcard. I'd send the dino-postcards at different times and then she'll be able to assemble the drawing like a puzzle. It is not the best free-hand drawing I've done, yet I am excited to know how Kai will like it. I believe the unique concept gives it an edge. :]


  1. Yes, totally! The post card idea is awesome and fun! Clever.

  2. At least your fourth had good foodage : ) My neighborhood was filled with the sounds of amateur firework techs as well. I just kept thinking "don't let one light my lawn on fire or something." Everytime I would almost fall asleep one would go off and I would jerk back to being incredibly alert. bah!

    I love your drawing! My friend drew me a dinosaur two years ago and I still have it! That just shows you how important dinosaur art work is. I'm sure your friend will jump and give you a big hug then hang in a place of honor upon her bedroom wall. The postcard idea is quite ingenious!

  3. no way, it's rad. believe it.

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  5. My 4th of July wasn't very exciting either. We were driving home from a little trip, so I spent the evening on the freeway. I saw a lot of fireworks that way, though.