July 27, 2009

Head first.

Literally. Here's a lovely self-portrait of myself I have recently made. I know, the right eye looks mighty strange. This is a sketch of a photo I had taken almost exactly a year ago. My hair looks short although it wasn't truly, just tucked behind my back enough and my nose is downright huge! The latter I have no excuse for besides bad luck when it came to genetics.

My past few days haven't been so eventful, yet I wasn't on here much. I read a few blogs, though. It's probably hard to tell I did that because I didn't comment. Do forgive me.

Nikki wants to go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this upcoming weekend and that means more of a time crunch to read at least books four through seven. It sounds like a challenge, and one I'm up for, so long as I don't become absorbed in Animal Crossing. [The boosts to my ego it has given me, oh my. I catch a big fish or a huge beetle and -- *beat boxes*]

Okay, had an attention problem there. Back on track: The video game is tons of fun and it makes me feel accomplished. I'm sure that's how most addictions go, no?

Oh, and our neighbors have invited my family over for a barbecue either this weekend of the one after. They have a underground pool, [after my brothers, dad and I invested a lot of time and effort into set up their above ground one] a small-ish basketball court and two huge brown labradors named Donatello and Leonardo. Yes, after The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of the same name. They're pretty rad. Scare the whatever out of me sometimes, but pretty rad.

I cannot wait to wear these dresses my mom had saved from the eighties to school. I tried them on this morning and was even more elated.

This is more a fall-type dress and thus will save the whole look of it for another time.

You know what I realized after careful calculations? Only seventy four more days until my birthday. Woot, woot!


  1. You're good at drawing!
    Self-portraits are so much fun.

  2. You should get reading if you need all the Harry Potter books done by this weekend! I love the 80s style dress, it's fab.
    Oh, and happy almost birthday (:

  3. I have a genetically large nose too. It is actually exactly like my granfather's. A crooked man nose! After he passed away though I love having a part of him in me. Also totally cool people like Dumbledore have crooked noses so I'm in good company. Although from the pictures I saw of you I think your nose is perfect!

    HP is a relative of the drug crack cocaine, there are even rumors it's laced in the pages. Okay that's false. If you begin the 4th though I'm sure your will quickly progress through the series.

    Your neighborhors sound like jovial folks. I judge people by their pet names and their's are awesome! I had ninja turtle slippers, sleeping bag, and apparel when I was a youngin'.

    Those dresses are so great! Lucky your mom was a fashionable young gal : )

  4. Sorry I never comment either, its just a glance, a read, and then I have to run. Im glad I dont have enormous amounts of followers, then I'd feel compelled to spend all my time reading their blogs...