July 11, 2009

I just watched a Johnny Depp biography.

It was one A&E had done and my mom claims to have seen it on TV once before. Regardless, she had ordered the DVD and we wasted no time watching it. I've known a lot of the information it had to offer, but an hour of pictures and interviews of him is not something I'd pass up on. Unless, there was a James McAvoy biography on at the exact same time. Eh, if it's on TV, I could just Tivo or record it. And you see, that's been hard to get used to for me. Our family was slower than most my friends' to progress that far technologically, I guess you could say. Pausing live TV is still bizarre. Anyway, the point being I've had a good night.

Well, a good day for that matter. Especially when I went to the Verizon store and after two years and a half, got a new phone. Goodbye, Motorola Krzr, I loved you so much until you stopped working well and I had to charge you every ten seconds. Here's what I walked away with today:

an EnV Touch.
Okay, okay, that's not the REAL EnV Touch. This is.

The other one is its cardboard impostor. I wish I could've put on the protective screen better. Oh well.

Oh, and I went and got the mail [more than a thirty second walk, there's a neighborhood, collective-type box. Like at actual post offices.] only to discover...

Gerry Butler on the cover of this magazine addressed to my brother that I couldn't care less about, except now, when its main story is about the Scottish actor.

Yes, I might just read this article again before I go to bed. Speaking of which, I finished one of the six books I checked out from the library. This one was titled Shift by Jennifer Bradbury and I have a small summary and review.

Summary: Told in quasi-flashback, Chris is being investigated for the dissappearance of best friend, Win, who was with him on a cross-country bike ride. But what he discovers is life-changing; he has experienced a unique friendship and finally will learn the truth and "what he's going to do." Review: Funny. Quite a bit of chuckle-worthy quotes. Well-written. Good mystery/compelling aspect; excellent use of fore-shadowing to help clue the reader along. Not too long, so a quick read. Three out of five stars.


  1. Congrats on the new phone! A Johnny Depp biography, oh I want to see it!

    Hmm. 3/5 stars? Eh. I'll pass. (:

  2. I love Johnny Depp. He is just so complex and interesting. Even his name "Johnny" I mean he doesn't do "John" or "Jonny" he has a hybrid!

    Girl, your phone is fly! I bet your fingers are going to be flying the next few days with all those new touch screen capabilities!

    R.I.P Lizzie's Motorola Krzr. You were a swell mobile phone.

    Gerry Butler-I don't understand how he goes from 300 to romantic comedies. I guess that shows his acting range?

    I'm glad you are happy and reading : )

  3. ...oh.
    Yeah! Darn my parents!

    Haha, I just wish all the high-fashion clothes I love were a) more affordable, and b) could be worn at school without getting weird looks. I have to mix originality, fashion, function, and academics! Agh!
    I also wish all the clothes I love weren't for 23-year-olds. I mena, Express, Bebe, Charlotte Rousse, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Armani Exchange, and Juicy Couture are all a little mature for an eigth-grader.

    Haha, I actually don't, but it crossed my mind one day and I happened to remember it when I was writing the comment. You see, not only do I have PowerPoint 2007, which is impressive enough, I am KILLER at making PowerPoints. Seriously, I'm the best at them. It's a weird talent. So one day I thought it'd be cool to actually charge people to make them awesome PowerPoints for school. Eh, it was just a passing thought.

    I've heard of all of them except the last, and yes, I have read Stargirl. I'll have to check the others out :) You should read Wintergirls, The Hunger Games, Bad Girls Don't Die, and Jane Eyre (the authors escape me, but Jane Eyre was either Austin or one of the Bronte sisters).

    Hahahaha, oh well. Make sure to use a cart every time you go there :)

    Haha, nice.
    Cunabit: ... God. For some reason it sounds so dirty.


  4. Is that phone nice? I'm set to get a new one in the next couple weeks, but I've been too lazy to research them. I just don't care that much what kind of features my phone has, I guess.

  5. Oh. Well, that would make sense, I guess. Haha, I commented on the wrong post!

    Haha, I'm like the exact opposite. I'm a complete hopeless romantic. I don't really trust everyone but I fall in love anyway...in a manner of speaking.

    Well, my parents are making me, really. I joined last year but couldn't think of anything to write so I dropped out. This year I have two articles lined up! Woo!

    Dirro: some kind of dingo.