July 14, 2009

Eccentric, not electric, and especially eclectic.

What have you been thinking about lately?
Nothing of dire importance, really. The usual, "what am I going to do with myself today?" and the disappointment when I don't have the energy to accomplish everything. Clothes and my wardrobe. Having all these thoughts I really should write down; I should start carrying a journal and my camera everywhere. The latter because I was sitting outside not too long ago, reading and enjoying the warm sun, when a butterfly fluttered past. I've seen a few monarchs do the same previously. Alas, I wasn't rightfully equipped to capture the beauty. This reminds me, I should charge my camera's battery since it is running low. Oh, and that I jammed my right index finger playing basketball and it's starting to hurt less now.

What are you excited about at the moment?
Going and playing tennis later with my brother(s?) when my dad gets home from work with the other car.

When was the last time you made a difference to somebody?

I honestly cannot remember, which saddens me. I would assume I made a difference to my mom and my family by being born. Besides that, I truly am unsure.

Who are you really happy for at the moment?
My friend Kai. It seems she's met her match in terms of a caring boyfriend. Maybe she'll get a lasting relationship, not just another fickle one I was worried she had become too accustomed to. You know, a two week fling that only ends badly. Being completely honest, I'm envious.

When was the last time you felt inspired?

This morning when I read other people's blogs. Seriously, people find or produce amazing things.

If you could be in your dream place at the moment what would you be doing?
I'd be finishing a painting and then discussing a book's true meaning over hot chocolate with a good friend [not necessarily of the opposite sex] and then off to bed.

If somebody was describing your personality what would they say?
There probably wouldn't fail to mention that I am shy or really intelligent. They wouldn't have much to say, I don't think, as if they themselves hardly have a grasp of what I am like. Perhaps they'd say that I tend to take things inwardly and am somewhat a killjoy. I am weird, but have a sense of humor. I think they'd say I'm eccentric.

What are you most proud of?
My family and my pursuit of art. I'm glad I've made a good impression on the art teacher and my turtles, my first actual pencil drawing with shading in the like, got so much exposure and I am encouraged to continue.

What’s been tempting you lately?
Good books and reading them in less than a day all tolled.

What’s been the one most consistent thing in your life?

Saying "good night" to my mom every single night whilst giving her a hug. Along with living in the same house.

What do you love about people? or What do you love about (person’s name)?
They are all different and yet one. We have our own motives and thoughts. We have our own likes and dislikes. Some are leaders, some are followers. Some conform, some rebel. Some dance, some sing. Some write, some read. But at the end of the day, we have all formed connections and like the elements, bond together. And again like such bonds, some are weak and others strong. Life is compelling and death is frightening. We try to shed light on every situation and sometimes we get too caught up. People are interesting and I love that.

TAGGED: Jessica from A Sunlit Day, Scarlett from A Nice Kind of Mean, Red from need a friend? and Kait from wild tendency.

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  1. Hey, I loved all of your responses to those questions. I think that they are much more thoughtful and aware than most people's.

    Oh, and I'm so sorry I haven't commented sooner, but I really can't think of anything to say other than "I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS AND HOW COOL YOUR BLOG IS!1!!11"

    Yeah, I got a bit out of control there.

    And thanks for telling me where that quote came from, it was driving me insane :] I really should listen to Jack's Mannequin, everyone tells me to, but because I hate being told to do things, I don't do it out of spite.

    Love, Love, Love,

  2. Yay I am tagged! Gracias.

    A schoolmate of mine is boy crazy and a boy magnet and kisses any cute guy she's "dared to." I tell myself that I have morals and principles and would never kiss a guy who in no way has potential to be a good boyfriend; however, I envy her fun.

    I can relate. If people were to have to describe me they would say "nice, kind, shy, smart, intelligent, friendly, sweet..." They'd basically be repeating themselves but with different synonyms. Hahaha.

  3. I would be proud if someone described me as eccentric.

  4. I got tagged!

    All your answers were honest and wonderful. I agree blogs are an endless source of inspiration.

    Your answer to "what do you love about people?"=simply beautiful. I mirror those sentiments.

    I wish I could play tennis. Actually I have never tried! I guess there is still hope for me then : )

    I once did a report on Monarch butterflies in like third grade. I was enchanted by them as well.

    I am always beating myself up for leaving my camera at home. I mentally take the photos I only wish I could capture.

  5. I've read The Wizard of Oz! It is indeed better than the movie...in some ways, of course.
    I've never heard of the second one.

    :D You're welcome, though I forget what you're thanking me for.

    dozzewor: a funny name for the private parts on a guy XP

  6. I don't think I mentioned this before, but you're photos are amazing.

    Okay, I'll do that! Haha, kidding, but it's not like I'm doing anything anyway. I google it. Or b&n it.

    rellsfe: "really safe" shortened; a name of the next evil wizard in Harry Potter

  7. thanks for the reading of my review. Yeah i actually bought that book twice, once as a gift, and 5 months later, once for myself. haha. you should read it.

  8. Nice tag! I never have enough energy to do things, either. All my days off since I started my summer job have been spent in my pajamas at home. Ugh. I wish I would carry a journal around and write more, too.

  9. Haha, no, indeed I think I have not. Till now!

    ....oh. Well then.



    Haha, thanks. I'm not going to ask why you only read the first two paragraphs...

    Ranased! I don't know.

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  11. Actually was doing a search on mockingbirds and dreams. This came up in the search results. Very sweet blog. If I should never return, I hope that you know that it is nice to run across a blog of a young person who loves the written word. Best wishes, hopes and dreams to you, wonderful child. Continue to grow up wise and waste not one moment