July 22, 2009

Oh, it's the little things you miss.

My past few days have consisted of reading, trying to gather up enough enthusiasm to draw or paint, playing tennis with my brothers, listening to music and cleaning.

I have a mountain-high stack of books I wish to read before summer is over. If my calculations are correct, though, I'd have to read at least one a day. [School starts for me on August 10th.] Don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty fast reader, but I'm not sacrificing being able to do other things. The latest book I've read, Three Little Words, is really well-written and inspires me to volunteer my time with social services. It's about a girl who in nine years, goes to fourteen different foster homes after her mom couldn't take care of her, and dad's been out of the picture since the start. At one home, the caregivers were anything but caring. They abused the kids and then made them deny that they were. Eventually, the girl has a better home. I don't want to spoil too much in case you wanted to read it. The author is Ashley Rhodes-Courter.

Yesterday I went outside and despite the blistering heat, took close to a hundred photos. Lately, I have been experimenting with lighting and I've always loved manipulating the angles.


  1. August 10?! That seems so early to be going back. I start August twenty something though so I guess I am right there with you.

    That books sounds so heartwrenching : ( But eye opening as well to a major social issue that most of us tend to overlook. I share your urge-I want to read SO many books. I'm about to go to the library to get even more!

    I love these photographs. I like the natural light and the punch of color from your necklace and shirt. Your hair is so long *hair envy!*

  2. I start on September 4th.

    Probably. Haha, I probably used it all up them, but hopefully I racked up some more for my next near-death experience.

    Thanks :) I'm kinda glad I didn't die too. Haha, there wouldn't be as many people to miss me.

    Nestir: one who nests.

  3. what beautiful pictures! the lighting's perfecto!

  4. I go back to school September 10 (at least I think). Then again, school ended the second to last week of June. You came out much earlier, right?

    The first picture is my fav. :)

  5. I love your shirt!

    And August 10 is such an early time to end summer :/ still more than a month of the season at that point!

  6. ello ello ello, thanks for the awesome comment! and thanks heaps for following!