July 24, 2009

Six different ways inside my heart.

I couldn't resist using that song lyric from The Cure, even though these are six things that are making me smile, not necessarily that I love. I was tagged by Kait.

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1. Smart, Funny, Hot, Scottish Actors
James McAvoy was an obvious choice, but it's not just him. Just because I have a whole calender dedicated to his smart, funny, hot, Scottish self, doesn't mean I must be exclusive. Ewan McGregor, for which my whole family can attest I have liked ever since my pre-pubescent days when he was Obi Wan Kanobi in Star Wars, has also been making me smile wide. Luke Skywalker never did it for me. Lastly, Gerard Butler. He's starring in The Ugly Truth, opening tomorrow, and Gamer, coming soon. He was also The Phantom in the The Phantom of the Opera (2004.) So, yes, he can sing, too! "Music of the Night" has been my lullaby as of late.

2. Books
Does this need much explanation? I love all the stories and every time I look over to see how many more I have waiting in the queue, it makes me happy. Very happy. Even if one book doesn't inspire me, I know there's another one I can dive into.

3. Photography
Mine, yours, your aunt's, your uncle's, Ansel Adams, famous, not famous, new, old, you name it, it has me smiling.

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4. Animal Crossing
Many hardcore gamers *ahem* my brothers *ahem* despise this game. You live in a town amongst other animals and do whatever it takes to pay off the loan of your house. There isn't much an objective, it is very open-ended. You can fish, catch bugs, collect seashells and harvest fruit to your heart's content. The first version, was popular with my mom until our Nintendo GameCube kicked the bucket. Recently I have become an avid player of the Wii Version, City Folk. I caught a hammerhead shark and was able to put it in my pocket! Ha, who said it had to be entirely realistic?

5. Kai got all her dino postcards!
I had sent them over the past week or two and now she's IMing me to say the picture is complete! I'm glad I've made her happy and she's obviously thrilled. Now if only I could find my drawing pad with my fairies picture... I hope my friend isn't too mad if I don't give it to her exactly on her birthday, which is tomorrow. Hmm, I'll have to conduct a more extensive search when I'm done with this. That or start over. I was bummed when my 3D versions turned out less-than-stellar and I think I'll resort to 2D.

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6. United States Space Program/NASA
Not too long ago, people celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo space missions to the moon. My mom, the lucky duck, was able to see all said launches from her front yard. Although I've seen the majority of shuttles go off, I imagine it was not quite as a dramatic. I mean, Apollo was going to the moon, and everyone, across the country, was excited and watching with their or their neighbors small black-and-white television sets. I watched a few programs that were made in honor of this unique anniversary and let me tell you, I was moonstruck, pun intended. I hastily researched/Wikipedia-ed as much as I could about the Orion space missions, that will hopefully, finally, take man to Mars!

I tag: Anyone and everyone. :]


  1. Does that mean me? :)

    Umpintle! It was just too good to pass up.

  2. gerard butler also starred in 'ps i love you' which if you have not seen yet, you freakin' ought to because it is one of the greatest movies of all time.

  3. Scottish power! I did not know that was Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera. *picking jaw up off floor*

    Obi Wan<3 Anakin was far too whiny. I love Natalie Portman as Queen Amidala. I used to do the whole one stripe of lipstick on my bottom lip when I was younger because I admired her so much. Yeah I know I'm a dork.

    I really love that picture of your stacked books. I also agree then any and all photography can share something with the world regardless if it is amateur or professional.

    This is why you are cool: Dino postcards and NASA makes you smile.

  4. Haha, well, I'm glad, because if it didn't then that would've been awkward.


  5. james mcavoy! be still my heart! i was/ am such a huge star wars dork. (i was princess leia for halloween when I was six)
    I'd love to see a shuttle lift off as i find all things related to the sky and stars utterly entrancing

  6. oh my, ewan mcgregor is my all time favourite actor. so nice choice i must say ;)

  7. Ohhh,
    I like your scottish actors. :)

    James = YumYumYum. I love him. :D
    Ewan = YumYum. I prefer his Moulin Rouge! days. I'm a sucker for a singer.