July 01, 2009

Turn out the light and what are you left with?

I re-discovered a beat up shoebox of old notes I'd kept and of course I decided to read them. There was one this girl named Carlie in sixth grade had given me, titled "Lizzie the f*g," and said that I was jealous of her because these two guys in our class liked her and not me. It's true that I was pining away for one of them and it is beknown to me now why I ever did. She also called me fat on several occasions and got this other girl to look down upon me, too. It was one of my worst years in school. I don't know what I thought I had to gain from keeping these notes, but I guess I also figured there wasn't much to lose.

I think passing notes is a childish thing to do. Or maybe it's obsolete now that almost every teen has a cell phone and can text instantly. I say that it's somewhat childish because I didn't write a single note thus far in high school. Perhaps others still do and I just don't know or realize it?

This is a very tiny fuzz/wooden bear. Me and my friends in fourth grade used to collect and name them. They came in a variety of colors and some we pretended got married. In reality they go in bridal baskets or make tiny adornations to gifts and such. Yeah, we didn't care; they were our pride and joy.

This is my adorable plush Hamtaro. For those of you not familiar with the cute-as-a-button hamster named Hamtaro, he's basically just that but goes on adventures. It was a cartoon/anime show that I watched and fell in love with.

This is called a Boobah. [Don't judge me.] Someone brought one to school in fifth grade class for some reason and I was captivated with the thing. It radiates music, dances and farts. Lovely? No, quite terrifying. They come in different colors and yes, they are very much the rip-off of Teletubbies.

And now here's a shameful video of the actual Boobah show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ-IIOXyMTA
Maybe this is why obesity has been an epidemic in America?? I dunno.

My day has consisted of being on the computer, cleaning/reminiscing and being lectured. I wish it wasn't so stormy out or maybe I'd be riding my bike and getting the much needed exercise. Not to mention just getting out.


  1. Passing notes is (well, I should say WAS) fun, but you're right - texting has replaced the old-fashioned way of communicating in class.
    Teletubbies always scared me as a child. :O

  2. Ha, Boobah. Well, I quite enjoyed this post. It made me laugh.

  3. funny post especially about the boobah show :L love the cute little bear in the 1st picture, lovely blog btw <3

  4. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE NOTES THING. I found one of my old ones a couple of weeks ago when I was going through clothes to send to Goodwill, and let me tell you. I was ashammmmmmed. I'd written "lol" at least a hundred times and adorned it with so many smiley faces you could barely read my writing. Awful.

    Send the weather my way, I'm tired of the sun.

  5. Hahah, this is really funny! I used to collect those little bears too! But my dog ate them all :/

  6. I have an awful old purse filled with notes written between me and my best friend in 9th grade (we were the last people on earth to have their parents get them cell phones.) I keep them but barely read them because our friendship fell apart in our junior year and it makes me sad because I thought we were going to seriously have a lifelong friendship. Old words invoke so many emotions...sigh.

    Boobah?! Never have I seen that until now. The teletubbies freaked me out as well. Especially that giant sun baby!

    Beanie babies were me and my friends bears. We would make them mobile homes out of shoeboxes and they would go on cross country road trips to the mountains and jungles of my house.

    I love this entry. It made me remember good memories and items from my younger years : )

  7. haha, toys from your childhood, although mine was left last year. Telitubbies.. *Sorry i spelt it wrong* i had totally nearly forgot about them, do you remember furbies?!

    nice photos/

  8. I'm kind of glad I didn't keep a journal when I was that age--that would be scary. Some children's shows are kind of scary, too

  9. you have great images here. love!